Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update: Bikes and tow bars

Remember back here where I queried the installation of Give Way signs for cyclists on the new Fitzroy Street, St Kilda bike path? It seems someone was reading or there have been complaints as they have been removed and new 'Road Ahead' signs erected.

Then there was the tow bar discussion a week or so ago. I came across this tow bar on a car in Prahran last week. It has rubber around the protrusion and will protect peoples legs somewhat. Better than nothing but still dangerous.

Speaking of roads, are these the last set of traffic lights in Melbourne with the old yellow lamp covers and backboards? Location siv you play?


  1. that rubber guard looks good.

    the old lights ... Sth Melb?
    Ferrars? Bank St? I owned a house once, in Dundas Place and used to catch the 10 on Canterbury Rd.

  2. No idea but I shudder to think what they demolished next to that blue terrace jobie to erect that steaming pile of horse crap impersonating a box :(
    Hot flushes on top of hot flushes, sorry ;)

  3. ssssshhhh..., or they'll rip them out.

  4. Close Brownie. Ferrars and Dorcas.

    Not great Jayne.

    Would be a shame Kuaka.

  5. Cycled past those last night. They feel so retro, love 'em.

  6. Jeb, I really wonder how they have survived.