Monday, February 08, 2010

Swoosh, swoosh

Although I have searched high and low in Melbourne, I have not be able to find a punkah wallah for a casual position. Damn middle class foreign Indian students think it is below them. It would seem working in a 711 or taxi driving is far superior to lying on your back and lazily moving your toe for a few hours a day.

Now don't get me wrong, the highrise is deliciously cool with the air con on. Although the unit is in the living area, it cools the bedrooms quite adequately, extra well when we turn it down to freezing. But it is somewhat extravagant. It costs and never you mind the environment and our carbon footprint. I don't.

R has occasionally brought up the subject of ceiling fans. I am not again them. I can't say I like their appearance too much but I am possibly working on memory of seventies rattan blades, vibration and wobbling bases.

R found that Beacon Lighting had some on special. We were given lots of advice and steered towards the more expensive models, no surprise there. I was almost thinking I could install them myself, just remove the existing light and put the fan unit up. They have a built in light and a remote control but the wiring of the remote receiver was too complex for me and so an electrician has been called.

Everyone I have spoken to loves having a ceiling fan in their bedroom, so I hope we do too and can reduce the use of air conditioning.


  1. How very civilised :)

  2. We bought a baton of spotlights from Beacon to replace a fluoro we inherited when we bought the estate.

    Many years later it remains in the box.

    The idea of ringing up a sparky to do the biz remains far too daunting.

  3. I'll be your wallah. Will you require blackface?
    Namaste sahib.

  4. I'm going out now, to stop commenting.

  5. Hope so Jayne. Going in today, Tue.

    Fully understand LS. I hate doing it.

    Too late RS. Machinery has replaced now.

  6. Anonymous10:05 am

    A cool breeze circulating via ceiling fan is better for you then aircon Andrew. Well thats what I think.

    Have had them in bedrooms of my house for years.

  7. Time will tell. They are up now.