Sunday, February 07, 2010

Pride March Day

I had a win for once. Sister changed her mind a couple of days ago and decided they would march in Pride March again this year. The march started earlier this year, 2pm and so she and the Bone Doctor asked if we would like to have lunch first. We had already said we would catch up with two dyke friends so I asked if they would join us for lunch. They agreed and I booked at 12 noon a table for six at Metropol where Dreaded Nephew used to work, the old St Kilda railway station. Metropol called back an hour later and said they did not open until 1pm. This did not give enough time to eat and attend or participate in the march. I cancelled and decided we would try Monroes, somewhat of an institution in Fitzroy Street. It has been there for more than twenty five years at least.

R and I went down to Fitzroy Street early and got a great table for eight on the footpath. The dyke friends came, Sister and Bone Doctor and Little Jo, the ex NT politician. Later two other dyke friends turned up, then a couple of friends of ex NT politician, the late Dame M's Boarder hairdresser friend. We had a fine old time.

The food was great, the service good and Monroes jugs of Pride Punch, kind of like sangria, kept flowing. Our Irish waitress was fantastic. One of the seats was a bench along the footpath which was good to stand on to watch the parade.

A few people drifted off to the Catani Gardens once the march finished but oddly the entertainments etc did not start until four or later. A mistake I think. A couple drifted back, but we were getting a bit 'weary' and although the trams had not started running in Fitzroy Street yet, we walked to St Kilda Junction and caught a tram home from there.

Little Jo was a Tyke on a Trike in the Rainbow Families marching group.

Some attractive young lasses stopped at the table next along from us to pose for a photo.

After closer chest examination, I have decided it is Spiderwoman who dominates in this photo.


  1. I want Spiderman to rape me.


    I meang I want SpiderWOMAN to rape me.

    Ahhh...who am I kidding. As long as they look good in a lycra outfit I couldn't care either way.

  2. So, Spiderman is actually a lesbian...making the Green Goblin one of her ex's perhaps?

  3. i missed this again this year due to work :(
    Cool pics.

  4. I wish I had been there - and how stupid is metropol not opening for the pre-march crowd?

    Little Jo pic just wonderful.

  5. My brother marched this year and we were planning on going too, but with a busy non-nap Saturday, Sunday turned into a mega family arvo nap day. Looks like it was a good day, esp weatherwise and I too love the Little Jo pic :) Very cute tyke on tryke!

  6. I saw spider woman too but somehow missed little jo in her very stylish outfit! The rainbow families marching yesterday did make me reflect on how much easier it is for lesbian couples to have children...there was definitely a same-sex bias.

  7. Love catching up with friends at tables along the footpaths at Pride March, though did not attend this year.
    Little Jo looks great :)

  8. Can't say she looked very sexual DA.

    A fair assumption Brian. No idea who Green Goblin is.

    Thanks Fen. Always next year.

    I think it was a mistake on their part Ann, but it turned out to be better at Monroes.

    Like Anzac Day dawn service Raelene, it is worth doing at least once.

    AR, definite bias. Damn lesbians are breeding like rabbits.

    Hope you would have told me if you were going Jayne.

  9. I didn't march this year, the dry cleaners shrunk my tutu. And I couldn't find an Indian to pull me in a trishaw; apparently it's beneath them in Australia.
    Yes well they don't mind driving bloody taxis!

  10. That's The Gatwick in the background I'll bet my balls. A bloke with a wooden leg went in there for a root one day and said do you mind if I take my wooden leg off. Go ahead said Fat Janice but put it under the bed, they'll pinch anything around here.