Friday, February 19, 2010

Losing an Abbott

I was gonna write about this but some prat beat me to it.

We came close to losing the leader of our Federal Opposition Party this week. A media stunt very nearly went oh so wrong when a truck had to swerve off the road to avoid Tony Abbott's chauffeur driven motor car. Along with Abbott's car and the truck, a van was involved too.

All heaped praise upon the truck driver who did a bit of swerving and off road dust raising acrobats with his truck to avoid hitting the Comcar. Seemingly the van driver did nothing wrong except slow to see what all the media were doing. Comcar driver did nothing wrong. Hang on. Road accidents aren't accidents, they are crashes. Someone did something wrong to cause the crash or the near miss.

If you click on the link above and go to the last para, I agree with the prat who wrote it. Bad truck driver.

But Abbott was ever so quick off the mark to praise the truck driver for his skill, getting his quote quickly into the media,when it is clear that the truck driver was at fault. Too fast, not paying due diligence, tired, distracted, mobile phone (from my observations, truck drivers are exempt from mobile phone laws when they are driving) whatever.

So did Tony Abbott silence the truck driver about a media stunt that nearly went horribly wrong by praising his skill at avoiding an accident? No, not quite but the driver is not mouthing off to all and sundry. Abbott bought his silence about being critical of the media stunt by praising his skillful avoidance of an accident. Kwid pro kwo.

The media has really let us down on this very obvious you scratch my nads and and I will scratch yours. One party should have been charged with careless driving and the other for creating a road hazard.


  1. too many itchy nads for my liking thanks!

  2. Anonymous1:20 am

    I got back from NZ after two weeks away. The car crash thingy was the only bit of news about here I saw. And, even in the few hours I have been back, its painful to be feeling myself sucked back into this Newspeak society where we know we are governed by buffoons and scoundrels but we accept it. We accept the passive parts we have been assigned to play with dumb resignation...

    BTW - NZ is stunningly beautiful and has Chinese made souvenir Kiwis and Sheep for sale to gullible tourists. Population the size of Melbourne, half of them in Auckland - which means they haven't been able to stuff it up as badly as most other places on this planet.

    South Island, Dunedin - green, green, lots of green, different shades of green, Oh how I hunger for green in Melbourne, tis been many years now....

    Needless to say, my garden is stuffed. Idiot son in charge of feeding the dog and watering forgot about the second bit. I grieve...


  3. "But Abbott was ever so quick off the mark to praise the truck driver..."

    Politicians don't want to wrongside any voters...and you know how community minded those truckers are.

  4. Hear, hear!
    The influence wielded by the media is very much underestimated and they've become a powerful public servant ruling from behind the figureheads.

  5. Massive hairy hanging ones Fen.

    Michael, this year it was a toss up for a holiday. NZ or Japan. We loved it when we were there quite a long time ago. Didn't see much of Auckland but covered the south island well. Dunedin was great, but the weather was atrocious when we were there. We saw shades of deep green we have never seen in Australia. Sorry about the garden. Not been really hot. Maybe salvageable.

    Pretty unlikely that the truckie would be a Tory voter Brian, but strange things happen.

    Jayne, they are like public servants of the modern kind, uncritical.

  6. Abbott was in that area precisely because it's safety has been a BIG regional issue for some years.
    I am very familiar with that road and area - only two lanes, loose edges -you will roll if you hit them at 80 kms ph. It has a massive traffic load, and I would say 50% trucks and I have seen some criminal driving on it.
    The CommCar driver should NOT have stopped where he did.
    Everyone is exceeding the 100 kms limit I can assure you of that, and so
    A right hand turn off that road SHOULD be made by stopping on the left of the road and waiting till both lanes are clear (like a hook-turn in the CBD).

    That chauffeur and that truckie had some fine LUCK that nobody died.

  7. It's irrelevant what the Comcar driver did. What if he had stopped due to a collision or other delay or incident that had taken place?

    It's obvious that the only person at fault was the fuckwit in the truck. End of story.

  8. Brownie, I don't know the location really, but I bet it is a growing area where things are built and then later the infrastructure goes in.

    Andy, in an ideal world yes, you are right and I fully blame the truckdriver too, but to set up road side distractions is irresponsible to say the least. It is not always about the letter of the law and I am sure the media pack there to film were all quite legal.

  9. But if he had been crushed and flattened - I am sure God still would have recognised him hey

  10. Course god would have MC. God loves a sinner.


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