Sunday, February 14, 2010

Just another Sunday

And a happy Chinese New Year to you all.

To the car wash, pronto. R's car was cleaned to spotless. We dare not go near St Kilda because of the Festival so we went to a carwash in Crockford Street, either Port Melbourne or South Melbourne. Ridiculous how the name changes from City Road to Crockford Street and then Bay Street. It is not my favourite car wash. It is expensive, busy and there is no where on the premises to dry your car off. Weekends you can park in the street and finish your car off, but not weekdays.

I thought it would be safe to return home via Ferrars Street and Albert Road, but no, Canterbury was closed because of the St Kilda Festival, forcing all the traffic into Albert Road. The traffic was well banked back so I went down Park Street which had heavier than normal traffic too. I hate the St Kilda Festival. Why can't it be a celebration for St Kilda people like it used to be instead a mass party for half of Melbourne.

Home and then the West Coburg tram to the casino. Crowds and crowds of people along the river bank with lots of food stalls for Chinese New Year. Into the Casino to see the CNY animated display. It was the same as we saw four years ago and not a sign of a tiger. Not auspicious!

Plenty of Asian born people thought the day was good for a win on the money extraction devices within the glitzy palace though.

We ate some Chinese food in a food court and decided we were hot and need a cool drink. Back through the crowds to the Atrium Bar and managed to find a seat. Everywhere was so busy. R had a Corona and I decided on a refreshing gin and tonic. I was going to ask for Gordon's gin but I did not for some reason. It is one I like. Instead I was price upped to Tanqueray which is fine but it cost nearly ten dollars, whereas the Gordons was $8.50. Caught again. Even the Corona was $9.

Still, it was pleasant sitting there. Our plan was to go to Myer and check for some sale shirts and perhaps see some CNY festivities. But it was so humid, everywhere was so crowded, we just crossed the old railway bridge, bought some pumpkin at the Elizabeth Street Coles for this evening's roast and came home.

With the thousands at St Kilda Festival, thousands up near China Town, Little Bourke Street, you would think a walk from Elizabeth Street to Swanston Street along Flinders might be very quiet. Nup. Busy as everywhere else. This is one big and busy mother of a city.

Tonight there is a weird wind that we have never experienced here before. It is strong and coming from perhaps the north east. The weather bureau site has update issues so I can't confirm the direction but it is coming straight at the balcony. Normally in a strong wind the bedroom windows slam shut, but they are not tonight. Very odd and a bit spooky.

The lanterns at the casino.

I liked Mr or Ms Fish. Would it be a groper?


  1. I remember when it was a festival for St Kilda people (and we the northern carltoners would sneak in anyway)...

    Gorgeous photos.

  2. Festivals are for shopkeepers, not people.

  3. "We dare not go near St Kilda because of the Festival..."

    Not another Catholic Priest Fun Day?

  4. Stayed on my patch so you can't blame my size 10s for stamping on your toes yesterday :P

  5. Andrew - you were right about the wind - it was coming from the NE - the weather last night quite strange also - areas 5-10km 9as the crow flies) flooded like never before (30yrs) and yet we onlt got 0.5mm - One minute there were multiple storm fronts - the next NOTHING.
    As for fesitvals - most locals no matter where you live feel exactly the same way ;) - been there done that for too long - even tourist towns have the same problems sometimes - it just gets WAY TOO much for WAY TOO long!

  6. There'll be a Newport festival in a couple of weeks I've got ten people coming to stay here.

  7. You should have been blocked at St Kilda Junction Ozfemme. Sorry, wrong side of the river.

    No reason for anyone to spend anything at the St K Festival RH. Most is free.

    No Brian. Not enough kiddies there.

    I know better than to get in your way Jayne.

    I can imagine IAS. Healsvillites and Dandenongers must get fed up at times.

  8. Happy Chinese New Year and Valentine, Andrew!

    Wishing you lots of luck throughout the year! ^_^

  9. Thanks Immigayrant. Best wishes to you.


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