Monday, February 15, 2010

Do not pass Central

I have heard, ok, read in the Sydney Daily Telegraph, that the new public transport fare rearrangements will disadvantage some commuters significantly. I am not going to spend the time calculating fares for a system I am unfamiliar with and remember that the Telegraph is not noted as letting a fact spoil a story.

It seems that a weekly ticket from say a southern suburb for a commuter who travels to Town Hall station will cost ten dollars more than if they alighted from the train at Central. I suspect that this is discourage use of Town Hall. Town Hall is already crowded. I was a little concerned even years ago when we were surrounded by a mass of moving people at Town Hall and it being very difficult to stop or break free from the pack. I dropped my ticket on the floor and I could not get to pick it up before it was trampled.

What do you think a responsible government might do to alleviate a crowding problem caused only by people going to where they want to go? Build a new station? Alter the existing one? Or just jack up the fare by two dollars a day to discourage people?

While it can inconvenient for some users for a time, London's underground and overground train system is and I think always has been a work in progress. It just expands and grows and problems are dealt with.

In Australia, things only happen with our rail systems when not one more person can fit on a train or on a railway station platform. Brumby and Keneally, way too little, way too late.


  1. wow, that's complete rubbish, if I lived in Sydney I'd be completely outraged!

  2. From what I've read the whole concept of MyZone is half baked. On the claim of the trip costing $10 extra to town hall, I remember reading the same article and I think the daily tele need to re read the MyZone website again. Central and Town hall are in the same zone. How could it possibly cost more to one than the other?

    Agree about town hall. It would have to be the most horrible station in Australia. It is stifling hot in summer, crowded, dirty, dark and gungy. It would be worth the disruptions and annoyance to gut the place and start again.

  3. "London's underground and overground train system is and I think always has been a work in progress."

    More of a bowel movement, I'd say.

  4. *sigh*
    Commonsense isn't a qualification required to run for office it seems.

  5. It is going to be a total failure for sure, just more evidence to prove just how inefficient the NSW Government is.
    I'm a commuter, and I find the fact that it's just 10 bucks more to move from Central to Town Hall, which is just about +250 metres away, is an absolute rip off. I spit in the face of those who run ShittyRail, seriously, it's just pathetic that we have such horrible platforms in the most busiest part of Sydney.
    That is all. That's why I decided to drive a car.

  6. Haven't read the Daily Telegraph article, but here's the Myzone web site.

    It's not clear from my reading of it how they deal with the Sydney CBD under the new system. I assume the Tele is saying that someone whose trip from X to Town Hall is just over the 35km mark will be bumped into the 35-65km fare, which is $10 a week more.

    If the NSW govt are sane (and I have my doubts) they'd treat any station in the CBD as the same for fare purposes.

  7. Indeed Fen, if it affected me personally, I would be very annoyed.

    Ben, perhaps Daniel explains it. It seems wrong to me. Agree about Town Hall.

    While it is an Englishman's right to complain Brian, London's transport system is a treasure.

    A frequently made observation Jayne, and probably true.

    Newoz, have you checked that it will cost you more? Sydney is certainly not alone with public transport problems.

    Sounds plausible Daniel, thanks. Of course all city stations should be treated the same.


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