Sunday, February 28, 2010

Buffalo Train Station and South Melbourne Depot

Jayne took off to Buffalo, a town well known to the late Margaret Clements of Lady of the Swamp fame. Buffalo's exact location slipped my mind and I had to check on googlie maps. Straight away I could see there was a problem with the map. Pretty bleeding obvious to anyone in South Gippsland or anyone vaguely interested in Victorian trains. The train line to Yarram, originally to Woodside, closed in 1987, so why on earth is it still showing on googlie maps some twenty three years later?

Take a gander.

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Although I lived in Yarram for a time and we would collect freight from the train, I never used its passenger service. It would have been tortuously slow. I have a vague recollection that the two and half hour car trip to Melbourne was five hours by train. Let us follow the train through the many towns I came to know when I lived in Yarram.

Cranbourne is the last station still in service on the South Gippsland line. The train continued on from there to Clyde. I had a great uncle who lived at Clyde and I can remember the train line. One room of his house had been taken over by bees. He kept the door shut and they came and went via the open window. We were terrified of them.

M stands for missed, is shown in brackets and means the town is not serviced by the replacement Vline coach. Tooradin, Koo Wee Rup, Lang Lang (annual rodeo held there. We used to go to it. Hot and dusty. I did not like). Nyora (a speedway for cars used to be there, or still is, and it is here that the South Gippsland train line separated from the Wonthaggi line), Loch, Jeetho(M), Beena(M), Whitelaw(M),Korumburra, where the Bone Doctor hails from and a couple of coal branch lines ran off here, Kardella(M), Ruby(M), Leongatha, Koonwarra(M), Tarwin(M), Meeniyan, Stony Creek(M), Buffalo, Boys(M),Fish Creek, Hoddle(M), Foster, Bennison(M), Toora, Agnes(M) where a short line ran off to service the oil drilling platforms out from Barry Beach, Welshpool, Hedly(M), Gelliondale(M), Alberton and then terminated at Yarram.

Thanks to Jayne's Lost and Found for those interesting links.

Quite a long time ago the train then went on to Devon, Calrossie, Won Wron, yes where the prison is, and Napier before terminating at Woodside.

The Melbourne to Yarram train was one of few, if not the only mixed train, that is it took goods, including freight wagons and freight carriages along with passengers. It would have been such a pretty trip through the rolling green hills. Gee I wish I had taken it. A bit of it still operates as a tourist train.

Well, that brief post rather blew out. The other googlie map that is very wrong shows a location near to us where the old South Melbourne Tram Depot used to be. You can see the tracks running into the depot from Kingsway. The Depot closed in 1997, only thirteen years ago. Googlie is such an innovative company, but not too fussed on the basics.

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  1. Anonymous7:21 am

    I bet Google use local sources for their maps, which haven't been updated for years!

  2. 'One room of his house had been taken over by bees'. Andrew, I'm doing the scream face at the thought. Brilliant colour - was he eccentric by any chance?

  3. " why on earth is it still showing on googlie maps some twenty three years later?"

    Because they're a bunch of copyright infringing b****rds?

  4. But...did he get any honey in payment for use of his premises as a hive?!

  5. Bees? That's nothing! My mum's bedroom got invaded by European Wasps last week. They set up house in a hole in the mortar just outside her window and started to crawl in through a tiny gap between fly screen and the window frame. There were at least 20 all buzzing around between the curtains and the window. Some died of natural causes, but a can of raid made short work of them.

    Not sure how to tackle the main nest though. I shot some Raid in but it wears off after a while.

  6. I don't know what they use Scott but they certainly need to update.

    No LiD, quite sane and with wife. He was an annoying old deaf prick who used to tease us kids. His other house was near the old police station in Oakleigh.

    Cheap out of date maps perhaps Brian. They would be well and truly sued if they stole them.

    Jayne, I don't think so. We could see the hive in the corner of the room.

    Ben, my mother subscribes to the drown them in aerosol insecticide. It seems effective. Nothing sweet to attract them?

  7. Re Google maps. This is something that bugs me too. The other area I like is a around Rod Laver Arena and Batman Avenue. Switch between Map and Satellite and you will see what I mean.

    I may be able to find out more about this though. If I remember to ask...