Sunday, February 14, 2010

Both sides of the coin

'Tis a funny thing being an often anonymous customer at my workplace. I get to see things from both sides. Most of my co-workers do not. Generally when I am the customer at my workplace, I get good enough service. But there does seem to be quite a few areas that my co-workers do not understand about being a customer that they would if they were customers.

I would suggest to my workplace that when they are training new staff, the new staff need to spend some anonymous time as a customer.

The new staff also need to be taught a couple of polite phrases when doing their job too, remember I see if from both sides. 'Eff off idiot', wouldn't be a bad one along with 'Would you like me to wipe your a*** too?'

One of our Brother Friends who works in an area of retail customer service told a customer five times that the shop had no more of the product than what the customer could see. Friend only became curt at the third time. By the fifth, he was holding up fingers to illustrate how many time he had said that there is not further stock.

Update: Fen works in the area of customer service, ho ho ho.


  1. The Customer Is Always Right.**

    **right rude, right stupid, right pushy, right devious, etc etc.

  2. When I flogged stolen goods cheaply at weekend markets I kept a straight face and practised my wit.
    My slogan was:
    "The customer is always right -to buy from me."

    Basically, it was philanthropy.

  3. ha ha ha oh yes, one should be a customer, walk a mile in someone elses shoes. Shame the idiot public can't come do a shift in a call centre!!

  4. At times Brownie, at times.

    And no returns RH.

    Quite so Fen.

  5. When you sell brand new items half price you don't expect them to come back.
    It only happened once, when some goose tried to return a pair of rechargable batteries claiming they were the same batteries I'd sold him and didn't work. The open packet would have been the same, that's all.
    Golly, what a crook, destroys your faith in human nature.

    Bargains for Battlers.

  6. Wantirna market has hundreds of stallholders, I took more dough than any of them.

  7. I like how you have a balanced view. Yeah, some customers ARE obnoxious....horrible. But sometimes the customer service people are just as bad. Or worse.


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