Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vale Barbie

Ex ABC 3LO broadcaster Barbara Horn has died. Don't bother going to the front page of ABC Melbourne. No mention there that I can see. She was a fine broadcaster of the old the school but was not averse to a bit of on air fun, like her flirtatious conversations with footballer Robbie Flower. She was an important person in the modernisation of ABC radio in the early eighties, with her less formal style. Less formal, but still very professional.

There was minor tribute by Lisbeth Gorr on ABC Melbourne, unfortunately with Barb on the end of a telephone, and so not did give listeners an opportunity to listen to her deep, beautifully modulated and seductive voice.


  1. Nice that someone remembered Barbie. Pity the ABC hasn't- apart from Libby Gorr. I did the Arts Roundup with Barbie on Friday Drive and she was a delight. And yes that voice-fantastic. Vale Barbie.

  2. Hi Michael. Gee, I was feeling terribly old so thanks for the comment. Alas, I cannot recall you, but I would have heard you.

  3. The ABC should be given a blast. If you don't I will. I will call Helen Richardson, Barb's producer who I think is still at the ABC.

  4. Ah, I have heard of Helen many times. I don't doubt the ABC pick up when I mention things about them.


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