Saturday, January 16, 2010

Toilet Flap

Timespanner in NZ has a description of an unusual toilet seat, another invention that did not catch on, but it reminded me of a toilet from my childhood and I can't remember where it was.

I think it was a pit toilet, rather than a septic or sewered model. As you sat on the seat, two spring activated stainless steel flaps opened below you. As you removed your weight from the seat, the flaps closed. I can only guess that the flaps were to stop the odour rising from the pit below and or keeping flies out of the pit. Don't worry fellas, the flaps were low enough to not accidentally snap shut on anything.

Anyone come across a model like this?


  1. Dad can remember hearing about these toilet 'traps' but never came across them, personally or professionally, himself.
    Metho usually kills the breeding insects :P

  2. I've seen these toilets around camping sites. They also have the ones where when it exceeds a certain weight, the flap(s) open.

    They call those kinds of toilets "Long Drops"'s a long drop.

  3. Yes, my Aunt and Uncle had the same thing on their block of land our of Kyneton. The shed that housed it is still there but now they have had their house built for 25 years and they have a loo that flushes into the septic.
    When we were camping in Halls Gap recently we had roto loos. A hole in the ground... a seat to sit on. One time someone knocked on the door while I was in there and I said as a joke "Oh, just hang on while I flush will you!" Haha, they laughed

  4. there's a Long Drop thunderbox at the parking area of Blackwood's Garden Of St.Erth.
    Visit in September when it's a field of daffodils.

  5. I once used an incinerator toilet in Finland that had flaps. First you line the inside of the stainless steal toilet bowl with a specially fitted disposable bag. You then do your business into the bag. Once you're done, you press a lever which opens up the flaps. The bag and its contents then fall into a compartment below. You must press yet another button to activate the flames. It takes hours and the waft of smoke emitting from the chimney outside carries the distinct odour of evaporated urine and burning crap.

  6. sounds fascinating, but i have never used such a toilet. Love reading all the tales in the comments however :)

  7. Phenyl Jayne. Does make the maggots squirm.

    DA, it is worse when it is a can and a short drop.

    Roto loos Cazzie. New one for me. Not with a flushing facility I take it.

    Delightful AR. I assume it would be fool proof and no flames while you are sitting there.

    Indeed Fen, the weird and wonderful world of toilets. Kenny world perhaps.

  8. Ann, I remember the bloke who set up St Erth. Used to write a gardening column for The Age, I think. T. R. Garnett was it?