Sunday, January 10, 2010

Today's weather will be...

Sister and Bone Doctor gave me this weather station thing for christmas. We had the outdoor sender unit sitting in a pot plant and in the morning sun, the temperature readings were very high. Finally we bought some double sided tape and so far as I could see, this was the best position. There isn't any air flow from this vent, it is out of direct sunlight, protected from rain and away from the aircon unit blowing hot or cold air out.

The outdoor unit sends an update signal to the unit on the desk about every thirty seconds. Time, date, moon phase, pictorial forecast, indoor temp and humidity and outdoor temp. It does other stuff too, which I can't be bothered to learn. Hmm, why no barometric pressure reading?


  1. Anonymous2:50 pm

    That looks rather fun- although you're right about the barometric pressure. Although all of the barometers I remember from my childhood in old people's houses (hmmmm) seemed to always just show "Change", which I always thought was rather self-evident. I've wanted a rain gauge for a while too, not that there would have been much in it until recently. Along with reading the death notices, I do enjoy a good peruse of the world weather too. I'd enjoy the SBS world weather report more if it didn't whiz around the world at such an alarming rate.

    Perhaps I need to get out more.

  2. weather stations are fun - I have the whole hog - barometer pressure (hPa) rain gauge (automatic) with indoor/outdoor temp along with humidiy indoor/outdoor and the best bit - the pretty picture which tells me which direction the weather is headed

    Trust me Andrew - soon (ever so soon) you will have what I have and even get it connected to a computer - so you have 3 years worth of datad (Just like me ;))

    Enjoy it whilst it's small and inexpensive

  3. Anonymous6:37 pm

    Is it as reliable as looking out the window?

  4. Are you sure it's prepared for those Victorian weather extremes?

  5. We had a weather station outside our back door. Unfortunately I can't find it at the moment beneath all the snow.

  6. Judge, did you do the necessary tap of the barometer to note the direction the pressure was going? The model from my childhood hovered between change and rain I think. Never fair.

    IAS, I am already judged to be obsessive about weather, hence the gift. Don't encourage me.

    The pictorial indicator Michael? No it is not. I can tell more by looking out the window.

    James, it will be very interesting to watch it tomorrow, for sure. I hope mercury does not explode out of it.

    The snow is pretty deep we hear Brian. It is probably your weather cock.

    Who you callin a schmick Jayne?

  7. OH, I so have to get myself one, that's fancy! I want to be a meteorologist when I grow up ;)

    My Dad has one of those old fashioned thingamajigs with the barometer, he used to tap it when he walked past and comment on the weather!! No wonder I'm a tad obsessed with weather!

  8. I've had a similar indoor weather gauge (without the outdoor sensor thingy) for some years.

    I'm jealous of what you have and must have one NOW! :-)

  9. Fen, I gave serious consideration to being a meteorologist when I was young. You are right, it is in the genes.

    And so you should have one Victor. National Geographic Shop, I believe.

  10. Anonymous5:45 pm

    Tap it??? No-one ever told me that!!! I just LOOKED at it!

  11. If you tap it Judge and the needle falls, that is the direction of the pressure and the approaching weather. Decisions worth thousands of dollars were made by a tap on a barometer. Eg Concrete pour, cutting grass for hay.