Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Revisting Brunswick Heads Revisited

If you weren't around at the time, either you were too young or you were living under a rock, you cannot appreciate the impact of Brideshead Revisited when it was first broadcast on ABC TV. I can recall going to the Laird Hotel and half the guys there had a little teddy bear in their back pockets. You will have to have seen the show to understand why.

Sometime later, ABC came up with a little audio gem, first broadcast on radio, although I can't recall which service, Brunswick Heads revisited. Brunswick Heads is on the NSW coast, north of Sydney. James re-visited Brunswick Heads back in 2005.

It was a, 'scuse the french, a piss take of Brideshead Revisited. I am working from memory now. While I found the cassette in my pile of cassettes that I never thought I would listen to again, neatly stacked in my wardrobe, I haven't listened to it yet. Yes, I do still have an appliance to play cassettes, two in fact. I wonder if the heads need cleaning? Nothing worse than a dirty head. I think our freezer contains a ten year old brown bottle of 'video head cleaner'. That is what the man in the shop said to call it. Will that do?

Although with a very formal speaking narrator, the cast were anything but. I am sure there was a Shazzer in there somewhere and the drawliest broadest Aussie accents you can imagine. I am looking forward to hearing it again. I must google the performers and see what they are doing now. Cricket starts tomorrow at Bellerive Oval doesn't it? Good chance to listen to the tape.

Oh, I see the cassette has Dolby. That will mean extra good sound quality, won't it?

Later edit: Angela Webber died in 2007 at the age of 52. Bit unfair what but she was quite some achiever. Read her obit here.


  1. Dolby only works, if I recall correctly, if your cassette player also has Dolby. Most of the high-end ones did.

  2. In Sydney this series played, if my memory is not playing tricks on me, during the breakfast program and was awaited breathlessly each morning.

  3. Both have Dolby Daniel. I am expecting first class sound quality then. Not!

    On 2BL Victor? You have reminded me, it was on 3LO here. I am sure now.

  4. Yes Andrew, 2BL as it was then known.

  5. Nope, didn't catch it first time round, though I do remember "How Green Was My Cactus" if that helps lol.

  6. Forgotten about that one Jayne.

  7. Pierre3:58 pm

    Just as long as no-one forgets "Kenny the Koala"!

  8. Pierre, I did subsequently listen to the cassette tape, and yes, Kenny the Koala. Having said that, it was probably something that was best left in the memory.

  9. Anonymous1:56 am

    Used to listen to this whilst on driving holidays with my parents. brings back great memories. sadly we cannot find the tape. nor find anywhere to buy it ! very funny stuff.

  10. Anon, as I said previously, while it was a bit amusing, I wish I'd left it as a good memory.

  11. Anonymous9:19 pm

    I was sitting under the watch Tower in Brunswick heads today talking the other Myth it just out of our "exploding heads"
    "whats Rangoon to you is Grafton to me"
    Please where can i get this recording?
    maybe Ambiance Arnold will Know!


  12. Really don't know where you would get the recording now, sorry.

  13. "What's Rangoon to you is Grafton to me" by the later lamented James Dibble was on 2JJ.

    1. Thanks John. I wonder if the anon will check back. Ah, it is on You Tube to listen to.