Saturday, January 16, 2010


Maybe it is a good idea that R and I never had a child.

Me: Just water while you have your dinner Jo. Milk later.
R gets milk.

Me: Stay at the table until we have finished eating Jo.
R pulls her chair out so that she can easily get down.

Me: Bath first Jo, and then you can watch a dvd.
R puts on a dvd.


  1. Everything that you say there is how I am with my kids. Water with tea, eat at the table always and bath before a movie... a routine is so important. Huggs to you Andrew.

  2. Not a bad thing to go for the easy option for us I think Cazzie. She was a bit fragile being the first night away for Mummy and Bone Doctor.

  3. I do the same but get ignored by Feral Beast, too.

  4. Ah well Jayne. At his age, it ain't gonna change.