Friday, January 01, 2010

The Papers

I regularly peruse The Age, the Herald Sun, the Daily Telegraph and the Sydney Morning Herald online. The hard copy Age come free when R is at work, and when he is not, I buy it on Thursday for the Green Guide.

Be it online or hard copy, I am getting mega pissed orf. The Age newspaper comes with awful inserts, catalougues for some retailer which I have no interest in. Then it also comes some times with an ugly yellow wrap sheet that is not quite full size. I have to rip it out to get to the proper newspaper. I have no idea who what it advertises, so I can't boycott the company. The only seen once by me, an opaque wrap over the whole newspaper, was only amusing to me the first time, because it was the first time I had seen it.

But what about the extra intrusive online ads over our newspapers. You are fast clicking through news stories and an ad protrudes across the site. I can cope with that, but when I click the back button, it shows again. Dear newspapers, keep you ads to the left and static. I will click on them if they interest me. But don't take over what I am looking at.

I have a seriously big bandwith (by Australian standards) which I pay dearly for, so it is not any cost for a newspaper to load an unwanted video of a news story that I object too. What I object to is that I want to read, not watch a video of a news report. The tv does that job perfectly well. Some do want to see vids I suppose, and the online papers can provide a link, but not load it unnecessarily.

Tony has mentioned similar issues with online papers a few times in the past. I cannot agree with him that they might die, but then I come from a older person perspective. Daily, I am never far away from a hard copy newspaper to read.


  1. I hope the paper paper does not die anytime soon... I like reading the hard copy edition. And, what will the homeless people do to keep warm around Melbourne when they don't make it to the shelters by shut time? Hmmm... nah, the paper paper won't die... the paper boys and girls like their jobs! Hubby used to deliver the paper by bike, and then later on by car. It was fun to go along with him to see how he could accurately throw the thing to land just where the people wanted it. And to catch a few cheepskates in suits who would steal them on their way to the train station! That is another story there.

  2. yeah those online newsy ads piss me off. I installed a flash blocker so the video ones don't automatically play when I don't want them to. As you said, if you're interested you'll click, if not, get outta my eyeball range. Grrrr.

  3. "I have a seriously big bandwith (by Australian standards)..."

    That's what they all say apparently.

  4. what were you saying about spam? :)

  5. I shall be following Fen's idea of a flash blocker, annoys me no end when I'm plastered against the screen trying to read a news article and a video for some car company starts playing in my face. Grrrrr.

  6. Definitely get ad blocker or similar, I don't see any ads on The Age any more. Those videos annoy me though. I have no interest in waiting for a video to load so I can see a grainy picture and hear someone say something I have already read in the story while waiting fir the video to load. I'm sick of the hard copy too, but mainly because I feel they aren't investing in decent journalism and I so often come across stories I have already read at their original sources.

    I do like the Epicure on Tuesday, and the Green Guide is good but I never remember to buy it.

  7. Anonymous3:42 pm

    Ooooh those video ads make me angry. Particularly when the sound starts booming across the room - I was only trying to find the bloomin' weather, I'm not interested in a new car!

  8. With you Cazzie. A newspaper is just so easy. My mother has had the same delivery 'boy' for 30 years. He puts it on the porch if it is raining.

    Fen, a couple of sites I use have pop ups. Too much bother to switch pop up blocker on and off.

    And sometimes it is true Brian.

    Haha Fen, it is gone and your comment looks odd.

    IE and Firefox both have built in ones Jayne. Just a matter of turning it on.

    The self playing video really bugs me Katya. Have you noticed even in a feature story in the newspaper, there is little text and lots of large pictures or graphs. I read Epicure too if I it is there but the world would end if I did not get the Green Guide.

    We are at one MD.

  9. My comments always look odd, but I know what I was referring to, in my own little dream world ;)

  10. Andrew - My friend Anthony blogged on this recently ( and I wholeheartedly agree with him.

    An alternative is to go to the text only version of the site ( It's probably a good idea to let them know how you feel - leave a message at

  11. Thanks Frank. I will follow this all up. Text sounds good. Maybe I overate the power of writing online, but I expect what I have said and what Tony has said has been noted by someone at Fairfax.

  12. I hate the intrusive ads as well. I kind of figured it was on accident...some kind of glitch. I don't understand why a company would purposely annoy us. The ads I'm referring to are the ones that block what you're reading...or the ones that are very hard to close. I kind of think it MIGHT be an accident.

    Other than that, I don't mind ads. I figure online sites like that have to make money someway...I'd rather have that than pay a fee.

    One thing that I find really annoying is that movie theaters have a bunch of ads now before the movie begins. Do you guys have that in Australia? I don't mind seeing the movie trailers. I LOVE that. But I don't want to see car and soda ads. Movies are so expensive. There's no reason why we should have to sit there watching commercials.

  13. Dina, I am quite happy for non intrusive ads to be on a page, but as you say, blocking what you are reading is wrong. Yes, we have ads at the movies. There aren't many and they usually are quite stylish ads. We used to have ad slides with a voice over, often advertising small local businesses.


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