Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm not a gossip but...

What salacious news coming from Northern Ireland. Rabid homophobic sixty year old wife of the first minister had a nineteen year old male lover. She found some property developers to stump up money for the lover to open a cafe, and a very nice and popular cafe on a tow path it turned out to be. Her husband is embarrassed to say the least.

Gay Irish and English are celebrating. It can only because of a sexual scandal affecting a homophobe. A bit of revenge or comeuppence. Homophobia is not about morals. This is not a case of hypocrisy.

So young laddies, do indulge sixty year old women who wear too much make up. It could be the making of you.


  1. Anonymous11:29 pm

    British paper suggested its similarlity to the Little Britain sketch where polititian slips on a 19yr old and gets penetrated ha ha

  2. PMSL
    Only happens to the nicest of people who deserve it ;)

  3. Ha, that is funny Anon. Better than slipping in the shower and the shampoo bottle ending up wherever.

    Yep Jayne, no sympathy from me.

  4. How come nothing exciting like that ever happens to me :(

  5. Me either DA. Perhaps something to do with out age.

  6. *sigh*

    If only I could find a nice rich cougar who just wants to use me...and give me a lot of life would be so much better.


  7. Dream on DA. Dream on.