Friday, January 15, 2010

Glen Waverley Train, not departing

Melbourne's poshest train I suppose would be the Glen Waverley line. It travels through Melbourne's most expensive area and ends up at a place where many people aspire to live. Ok, it does go a bit downmarket along the way, but bounces up again at the end. We used to be frequent users of the service when we lived in East Malvern. I could scarcely believe how quickly it could get us to the city.

It has always had a good level of service and you seldom hear reports of trouble on Glen Waverley line. Not so this week.

So far today all is well, but for some decent period of time on three days out of four this week, the line has been partly shut down, all to do with overhead wiring.

This won't do at all Metro Trains. The people who use Kooyong and Heyington Stations expect better than this.


  1. Surely no Kooyong 'people' travel by train!

  2. Reminds me of something I said in the lift at work the other day. There are many sets of lifts at our work. But only one set takes the bosses to their lair.
    Upon getting in on ground level next to one of the cleaners, I remarked, "Wow, this life is so spotlessly clean, not a scrap of paper, not a bit of dust".
    Up piped the cleaner, "Yes, well, when "they" complain these lifts are polished and polished until we can see our reflection on the walls".
    Not that the other lifts aren't clean, they just aren't as shiny as these ones...all because of people who work in a certain area.

  3. in completely unrelated news, the demolition of Lonsdale House started this morning :(

  4. Clearly not your Andrew Peacock type Kooyong people Victor, but yes, many do. Also a significant number of foreign students from both north and south, and now, a lot of tennis fans to see Kooyong tennis, an opener before the big matches.

    Sucks Cazzie. I think Mayor Doyle has an office in the building.

    Up with it Fen. While Lonsdale House was never going to be saved, it just might prevent some hasty action on another building.

  5. Anonymous11:41 pm

    I hear the Tote in Johnstone St, Collingwood is closing down this weekend.

    Melbourne is following Sydney into a nanna state.

  6. Hehe, I bet he does too!

  7. It is closing Anon. Laws have been applied that ought not have been. Mind you, the owner could cut his costs a lot if he closed at 1am.

    Cazzie, I think is still head of the health area where RMH is.

  8. Yeah, if you just got rid of the Jordanville Estate you could say it doesn't go to any 'bad' areas.

    Sandy line is fairly 'posh' as well too.

  9. I better be cautions in my agreement with you Somebody. Now do I have readers in Jordy? Probably not.

    Every suburb the Sandy line travels through is expensive, so yes, it is quite posh.