Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bowled for a Googlie

Please note I am usually wrong when I have an opinion on something like this.

But I will call it. Google 1. Chinese government 0.

In brief, SOMEONE in China has been trying to hack Gmail (Google) accounts of Chinese political activists, along with phishing and worms. That, along with censorship of Google within China has annoyed Google to the point where it has issued an ultimatum to China. Chill or we will bolt.

Me calling a win for Google is based on my opinion that Google having been in China for four years and no doubt it is as popular there as it is here, China needs Google more than Google needs China. China wants to be seen as modern, free and progressive. I don't think it can do that without Google.


  1. China has the craziest laws and outlook concerning things to do with the internet privacy.

  2. Yes, I think it is time we started calling the bluff on some of China's stances.

  3. You are back Evol. Yes it does have crazy laws indeed. Good to see a gay pageant about to happen there though.

    Agree Victor. What a farce Copenhagen turned out to be, a great deal because of China. No credit to them at all.

    Not exactly David and Goliath Jayne, perhaps two Goliaths.

  4. I might give Google some credence the day they stop infringing copyrights and publishing people's books on-line without even consulting them first. Especially my books...the thieving b*****ds.

  5. There Brian, you and Rupert have something in common after all.

  6. it's awesome! Google have said they're no longer going to filter out all the stuff the Chinese Govt wants banned, so I'm sure they'll be gone pretty quickly. But who wants to work in that sort of crap anyway!

  7. It will be interesting to watch Fen.


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