Saturday, September 05, 2009

Slow down world

I suppose we bring it on ourselves, but I wish life would be a bit slower at times.

Bone Doctor and Sister went to the footy today. Who looked after Little Jo? You whistle, I will point.

So after doing shopping this morning, and checking out some details on a new mobile for me, Little Jo arrived. We took her for a tram ride to town. Unbidden, Little Jo sang The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round. I should have interjected tram. Some nice tram drivers waved to her. She enthusiastically went along with the busker at Fed Square. Of course she preferred to get the lift down to the river bank than use the stairs.

She said she did not like Riverside bar. I don't like it here. Bad luck kiddo. We do. Her opinion changed once chips and chino arrived. Another tram ride to Bourke Street and a visit to Target for the latest Wiggles dvd, Popcorn and then home.

She watched Popcorn and I did not think she connected the dvd with real popcorn, but then came 'Aunty Andrew, popcorn'. I give her a small amount in her own basket now. We have learned.

Sister and Bone Doctor returned from footy and we went off together and met the Brother friends at Balaclava Hotel for dinner. Family bashed off quickly after eating and we chatted and joked with the Brother friends. We took a walk along Carlisle Street, up and down and we were gobsmacked at the changes in shops.

Tomorrow, we are carting Mother to the hills for Devonshire Tea and catch up with news from ABI brother about his Australian Sports Tour to Ole Blighty and the Turkish war zone.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Space Book, no, My Face

Subject line is shamelessly stolen humour from ABC Melbourne radio. I joined Myspace once. I suppose I am still joined. It was for stalking a hot guy purposes. I quickly became bored with it.

R has had a Face Book site for quite some time. I set it up for him, added colour and content, found various rels. Rels seem to do odd things called Yoville and other games? I am not interested and neither is he. Good to see pictures when they add them though, or news that we did not know. Some of my rels are there too.

A wee while ago, I decided to set up my own FB site. I was quickly found by a couple of school mates, which is why I set it up. I was also found by a couple of bloggers who I know. I screwed up my email address change. I decided I did not want to connect school mates and bloggers, besides, I was already bored with school mates. I shut it down.

Then I wanted to join the TOSS FB group and the Save Lonsdale House group, so I needed an FB persona to do that. I procrastinated for a while, but then set one up and joined the groups. I was quickly found by a few fellow blog mates and I was quite pleased about that.

I set up another in the name family would know me by and slowly I am adding family members who are FB members. Newphew in Glasgow and that side of the family seem very keen on FB. Not sure that I will add R's rels. I can read about them on his FB site. The English seem very keen on FB. It must be the long dark winters.

On my old family persona FB site, I came across, so my genealogical site tells me, a second cousin, thrice removed. She told me some interesting things about family history. I will probably post a bit about that in the future. It was worth joining just to find her. She seems very nice. Lucky that I have one unusual name in my family history.

As for my blog FB presence, I would love you to add me. I have always feared rejection, a character flaw of mine, so don't expect me to pursue you on Face Book. But if I know you via my blog or work or whatever, you can be sure I will pleased to agree to a friend request. My FB name is Andrew Highriser.

Fraud Spam

This just arrived in my inbox. Given I had just paid the phone bill yesterday and had to change the BPay numbers after using the same ones for a couple of years, I was monetarily alarmed. It also had the Big Pond logo at the top of the email. Did everyone have to change their Telstra BPay numbers? Good timing on the part of the fraudsters.

Dear Customer,

This e-mail has been sent to you by BigPond to inform you that we were unable to process your most recent payment of bill. This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. A recent change in your personal information. (eg: billing address, phone)
2. Submitting incorrect information during bill payment process.

Due to this, to ensure that your service is not interrupted, we request you to confirm and update your billing information today
by clicking here

If you have already confirmed your billing information then please disregard this message as we are processing the changes you have made.

BigPond Billing Department


Legacy, off the top of my head, is an organisation to help war widows and their children in their lives after their loved one died in armed service. I don't recall any scandal about the organisation and from what I know, it does a good job.

A previous neighbour is a war widow and one day a year, year in year out, she stood at the corner of Bourke and Swanston Streets collecting for Legacy. Perhaps is was this day, today. Today there were many soldiers in uniform in the city collecting for Legacy but sadly not a recognisable war widow to be seen. I suppose they are just too old now.

I wonder if Legacy has stepped up to the crease for Vietnam war widows? The government is now much more generous with benefits than they were post WW II and so perhaps the need is not there.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Balcony Decoration

There is not a lot of decoration on our balcony. Only the hardiest of plants survive the extreme temperatures and the buffeting winds. This cyclamen was bought as indoor flowers for a week and it survived and I tried it on the balcony and it has done very well in cold and windy weather. As soon as the weather warms up, I expect it will finish.

This plant has travelled with us for quite some years. It is almost indestructible although cockatoos had a good go at it a couple of years ago. I have forgotten the name. It has sharp spikes on the woody stems, so care needs to be taken. I have a feeling that our friend in Japan may have originally given it to us. We gave it our Fijian Indian friend when we moved here, but then decided we could accommodate, so it came back. It is not at its best in winter. It adores the heat and hot sun, flowers prolifically and doesn't need much water.

Speaking of friend in Japan, these gorgeous little wombats are a couple of critters I refused to give up when we moved from the house. They sit on the return of the balcony where people step to admire the sea views. Eyes to the horizon, never mind what is on the ground, so they are minus some limbs as they have been kicked many times. Freezing cold, boiling hot, they never complain, just continue to peer into the lounge room. I loves 'em.

High Rise Information

I am thinking of writing a post on what to beware about when buying into a high rise apartment building. I guess some of it would apply to a normal flat too. Worthy?

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Cough cough

I saw some film of two babies with whooping cough on tv tonight. Quite distressing to see really. Some parents have been fooled into believing, often by unqualified people with US accents, that immunisation, especially whopping cough, for babies is wrong and dangerous. Cranks on the internet haven't helped either.

By all means question your doctor. Question what drug companies are pushing. Question science. No one is ever right all the time.

But child immunisation is tried and proven. It is on the record and has been for a long time. Parents who don't immunise their children should be liable for child neglect charges or worse.

You with anecdotal evidence and internet research, forget it all and give them their jabs. Just ask someone whose baby has had bad whooping cough and has not immunised.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

She's Back

I am sure we all relieved to hear Timmy has safely returned, sadly without finding any water for his brand spanking new pipeline (put a little c on your jokes Jayne). As Uncle Matthew said in Love in a Cold Climate, damn blue jaw.

I notice his personal grooming is quite good though. No spider legs hanging from his nose, not bushes growing from his ears, although I wouldn't mind fifteen minutes with tweezers to work on his eye brows.

Now, will Channel 7's allegations about a mysterious heat seeking plane locating him last night have any legs? Was a call made to Barack to send one of those fancy heat seeking thingies to find a Minister of Her Majesty's State Government?

We shall see. While we may moan on about the cost of finding him, imagine what a State Funeral for a sitting Minister would cost. Imagine the reams of newspaper print, the activity in the cyber world, the tv and radio coverage. All said, I am genuinely pleased he is ok. Now Tim, what about our water???

Photo from The Age.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Come back Timmy

I expect I have just alarmed Dina. But no, this is a local matter.

Dear Timmy, I haven't always agreed with you, but please come back. Yes, we will laugh at your unshaven state and your perhaps foolish endeavour and you will no longer be Mr Perfect, but come back Timmy.

Simple Sunday

R's car is a shocker for showing dirt. Due to it being quite wet lately, no, not heavy decent rain, it was filthy. While there are closer car wash places to us, the inner ones tend to get very busy and don't have much space. R suggested Ashburton, a long term favourite of his, combined with a visit to Chadstone Shopping Centre. The need for a large shopping centre disappeared yesterday. Story of that later. My preference is the Altona car wash and that is where we went.

I watched the automatic laser wash with interest. $14 for the full monty, $10 for the basic. Now if your car is not waterproof, I would not suggest using it. I found a token on the ground which I will save for the future. R explained to me that if you put in twenty dollars for a $14 wash, you get back 6 tokens as change. I saw no notice to this effect and I think it un-ethical.

Anyway, R's car, manually washed, was now sparkling. We both anxiously looked at the overcast sky. Cloudy but I could not see rain happening soon. We went on to Altona Beach. I wanted to go along a street called Racecourse Road or Street. It went through wetlands, but there were potholes in the road and mud to the sides. Didn't want to mess up the car. As well, there was a ford and a closed road sign up. I think the sign was redundant.

We went on to Millers Road and along the beach. We stopped for a cold drink and a walk along the beach, but gosh it was cold and windy. We drover further along the beach and then backtracked in a street behind the beach road and came across a decent sized street shopping centre. It must be the Altona shops as the Altona railway station was nearby.

Then on to Altona Gate, a medium sized shopping centre we have been to a few times. Sister had given us a set of three studio photos of Little Jo (that was the disappointing surprise) and we needed a picture frame. We found one of the right size but ugly timber. Four shops later, we found one the correct size and with a black frame. Along the way, we were looking for what I call an asbestos mat. Others call it a diffuser. It sits over the stove gas jet and allows very slow simmering. I don't know how people manage without one, especially for pasta sauce that needs reducing. Clearly many do as we could not find one. We have looked elsewhere too. I joked to R, maybe it really is asbestos and they have been withdrawn. I expect an expensive shop like Essential Ingredient in Prahran have them. I want a cheapie though. Seen any around?

We couldn't resist buying a couple of tiny things for Little Jo and look, a slide paper slicer for $2. Useful. We had something to eat. Now here is a warning. In my experience, you never get good coffee from a place that serves coffee in a glass cup with a wire handle, just reinforced today.

Home and the task was to sort out old pictures, photos and frames that have been shoved under all three beds. One idiot put a very dusty framed picture on my bed, so then my doona cover had to be washed. It was due anyway. The usual fight with getting the cover back on ensued. Timmy, visit soon.

We have not had T bone steaks for years. We et a biggun with pepper sauce each tonight. Excellent.

From the day before, Little Jo enjoying her 'chino' at Middle Park Beach. You would think it was summer the way she was dressed. No point in fighting her to put on a jacket.

The locals frollicking in the warm sunshine at Altona Beach.

It was not just at Hurstbridge's annual Wattle Festival where old cars abounded. There was a gathering of them at Altona too. I do like a nice big Bel Air.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Little Jo tidbits

Little Jo twirled around and around until she was giddy, then crashed into the wall and bumped her head and cried. Oh look Sister, she has been watching you after a drink or two. Never said Sister, never in front of her, never have and never will. Remains to be seen. Why has Sister taught Little Jo to spin around until she gets giddy?

Little Jo has quickly learnt psychological manipulation. Turning the dvd off and suggesting it is time to sleep brings forth crying and a very plaintive 'Mummy Mummy. I want my Mummy'. 'Do you want to watch more dvd Little Jo?' 'Ok', and crying immediately ceases and Mummy is forgotten. Uncle R acquiesces. Uncle Andrew seethes.

We have taken Little Jo to McDonalds once when she was eighteen months old and last week, Hungry Jacks. Sister and Mother took Little Jo to Hungry Jacks a couple of days later. Mother's insistence. She misses weekend takeaway food since Step Father died. But as yet, Little Jo has not cottoned on to the delights of fast food. She is quite fond of pizza though.

Little Jo is also quite content to pretend to drive toy cars etc that are found near supermarkets. She does not yet know that they move if money is inserted into the slot. Out of curiosity today, I looked at one of the toy car machines near my workplace. I expected that the price had risen from five cents to at least twenty cents. Fifty cents did not enter my head. What??? Two dollars? Must give her a proper ride and it will subsequently send Sister broke. Two dollars well spent.

We looked after her again today. Took her for a 'chino' to Portabella Cafe at the bottom of Kerferd Road. We walked along the sand, dug a hole, walked out on the pier and spotted a starfish in the water. Watched the odd breaking wave. She went along with it, but all she really wanted was the bubble pool back at the highrise. We came back home and could not entice her into the swimming pool. All she wanted was the spa with the bubbles. Once she had enough, she pressed the off button and grabbed Uncle Andrew by the arm to lift him out of the spa. She was hanging for a Wiggles dvd. But she has lost her attention span to Wiggles. Found some other stuffs I had recorded for kids that kept her amused.

She is forming sentences very well now. We went up and down in the lift a few times and after giving her a start, she counted the floors up to ten and then could not go any further. But she does not have a concept of ten yet. No toilet training yet. When will that happen? While I think she is naturally pretty smart, I think she gets a lot of training from Sister.

Sister arrived home and we fed them both a chicken schnitzel and salad and they went on their way. We can stay home and relax and guess what, the Scottish Doctor is visiting.

Bollywood Bois

I am bored with American guy celebs. I am bored with Aussie bloke celebs. I am bored with Asian celebs. I am bored with Latin celebs. I am bored with, ok not quite so bored with, black celebs. I am celeb jaded. Where can I find something different to amuse me? What about the Indian or Arab world? I there a Cairowood? A Damascuswood? A Colombowood? Nope, but there is a Bollywood.

I have looked through quite a few Bollywood hunk photos to find two of the best looking. My personal taste of course. I can't vouch that they still look so good. I haven't checked the present ages. You can see more of my hand selected photos by clicking on their name links.

This is Shahid Kapoor. Pretty and masculine at the same time. Knows how to pose. Hair sits very nicely.

And here we have Kunal Khemu. Another good poser. I particularly like the bare top photo of him with sunglasses on and wearing a cap. Give my taste a score out of ten if you want.