Saturday, June 20, 2009

Black v White

No, that is a bad subject line. I felt personal hurt when I learnt that we, Australia, or was it Melbourne, had to pay Tiger Woods something like $13 million to come to play golf in Australia. I wrote about it and also tried to lay a guilt trip on Tiger on his website. You can find it if you want. I can't be bothered.

Tiger was invited to the areas where fires had such a huge effect this year. There was no payment mentioned and I never saw a response.

Greg Norman, an Australian born bloke and a champion golfer but who speaks with an American accent, is visiting our shores. I don't particularly like him, but he has gone up a peg or two in my estimations by reading here.

The essence is,

GREG Norman will tour the fire-ravaged township of Marysville before headlining a celebrity golf fundraiser for Black Saturday victims.

Norman has asked to visit the devastated community next Sunday to offer his support.

Tiger Woods, 0. Greg Norman, 1.

Must be time for Tiger's PR people to get busy.

Missing you

I probably won't be around for a bit. Away to here and there. Dinner for brother friends tonight. Seeing Little Jo tomorrow in central Victoria and will stay the night, then away to Sydney next week.

Good food, bad hygiene

What are your local cafes and restaurants like? Good? Safe? Hygienic? If one of the places you patronise caused heaps of food poisoning cases, would you trust your local council who is responsible for such matters to deal with it adequately? Wouldn't you want to know if your fave Chinese takeaway had dubious food preparation standards and many people had suffered food poisoning, even if you had not?

I think it is a motherhood statement to say that you would want to know. I certainly would. Your local council has this information, but they are not going to tell you.

Blogger Fitzroyalty is battling against his local council for such information. His campaign could bring about Victorian legislative changes. He deserves our support. Read from here downwards. Skim if you must. You will still pick it up.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This time last year and excited chicks

On this day (mostly written two days ago) last year we were walking with a distant relative of R's along the banks of the very wide and strongly flowing Tyne River in the north of England. It seems like a dream now, but a very wonderful dream. The river was flowing so strongly, not like anything we see in Australia.

Just a bit later we walked over a stile. Ok, it was metal and a safety approved model, but English stile, just like I read about in books when I was a kid.

My memories of our UK holiday are all good, although not always at the time. That is how holiday memories work. We did so many great things, met so many great people, saw so many great things. It was magical. I am excited in retrospect.

All very well to be excited in retrospect, but what about showing real excitement at the time. Ha, I don't do that sort of thing, but I have seen a couple of women do it.

The first one was when I was early twenties and the woman must have been early fifties. I suppose she would be dead now...I can remember her face though. The light plane we were in landed on a glacier in New Zealand. It was a very nice glacier, as glaciers go, very blue and she was just so excited. She was infectious as she clapped her hands in glee. I often remember her and how her excitement at the plane landing on the glacier was like that of a little child.

The other was an English born woman who came to Australia and worked for our ABC. She married an Aussie bloke and so because she married, she could no longer work for the ABC. Married women not allowed. This is how she ended up being a workmate of mine. She was going back to England for a holiday after a twenty year or something absence. She was a tennis fan and desperately wanted tickets to Wimbledon. She was so excited when she got tickets before she she left. I am not sure how in days before internet.

She saw some great matches and waxed long and lyrically about the visit when she returned to Australia. She was just as excited about the experience after she had been as she was in advance. Yes, she did eat strawberries and cream too.

We can all be superior, critical, jaded, ho hum, self satisfied and I could be accused of all of those at times, but it is very very nice and refreshing when you see an adult expressing genuine joy. Look out for it and remember it. Just remembering the instance might save you at some time.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Forget your Underbelly tv show. Real life is far more interesting. Judy's brother in law shot dead on Monday was amazing. Learning that she had been arrested for being an accomplice after the fact, now an accomplice, on Tuesday, just getting better. Then I wake to hear her house 'caught' fire last night while she was assisting the police with their enquiries, well, what will I wake to tomorrow? Probably nothing as she has been refused bail and is locked up.

I don't think she is a good person and certainly should not be on any sort of pedestal, and nor should she be seen as a celebrity but you must admit, she is quite fascinating.

Although she used a walking stick in court today, it did not seem to be a problem to alledgedly dump a car used in the murder in Brunswick and walk back to her home in Moonee Ponds (note newspapers, not Ascot Vale).

What it says in the cutting below, 1st husband shot dead, 2nd husband shot dead, son by first marriage shot dead, son by second marriage shot dead, brother in law shot dead, two brother relatives by relative's marriage, shot dead.

She may well have the appearance of a sweet little old lady in the photo below, but don't be fooled. What do you reckon Brian? If she is freed soon, could she sort out your neighbour problems?

Photo courtesy Melbourne's most respected newspaper, The Age.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Nice Muriel

Dear Mirka Mora's mosaic mural was made in 1986. It had a renovation in the nineties and another has just been completed. So many people pass it by without ever looking closely at it. Just for once, I stopped. It looks like that hideous gambling venue Clocks has covered over the western end of the mural. Phewy on them.

Singing Grannie

My grandmother used to sing to us kids. She would often alter the words of popular songs of her youth to slip in our names or local references. EG, There's an old fashion track winding back to a shack along the road to Warragul North. Where the messmates are growing, the Tanjil River's get the idea.

While at work yesterday, I worked the same song out to include Little Jo and some references to her world, without Wiggles and Tro Tro. She is probably a bit young to get them yet. But I have it my head for the future.

I worked on a few other songs too. No one could hear me and I was enjoying myself. Hole in the bucket worked well with Little Jo cast in the role Henry and fix everything Bone Doctor as Liza.

I rarely sing, but I was having fun. The Mary Hopkins song Those Were the Days I know most of the words to. Why I have no idea. I just do. So I sang that to myself.

Then it was the turn of that French song. I have no idea how to spell the name, but something like Ouletta, gentle little bird. When I was a kid, I translated the song into French and that is what I can remember. My translation does not exactly match the usual French words to it.

Must be time for another Aussie song. Kookaburra sits on the old gum tree. Merry merry king of the bush is he. Laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra, gay your life must be.

Meanwhile in the darkest suburbs south east of the city, some kookaburra biffo was happening. I love kookaburras an it is great to hear of them coming in close to the city.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Moran down

Cafes must be dangerous places for criminal types to hang around. So many seem to get killed when in a cafe......well, two or three anyway.

It leades me think of a bigger picture. That is men who are far from being too old to work, who sit around in cafes during the day and drive expensive cars.

I can only guess at ethnic origins, but of a non white ethnic origin they seem to be. Here a few of my own experiences.

I was having coffee on my own in Errol Street, North Melbourne. I figure the busiest cafe is usually the best. I sat and appeared to be engrossed in my newspaper, but I was not. I was eavesdropping shamelessly. I overheard bits of conversations that sounded very criminal activity like. This was before the spate of underground killings, or early in the period at least.

Go forward to the day R bought his 3 internet connection for his laptop at Prahran Central. We had to sit around and wait for approval nonsense. I had seen this guy before, he was not unattractive, but I had not taken too much notice of him. I did this day. He was hanging around. Hanging around. Was does that mean. It means a guy in his late thirties chatting to a couple of people. Having coffee. Moving around. Friendly terms with some of the shop owners, including where we were. He disappeared for a while and then returned went up to chat directly to someone who was seated, like it was a pre arranged meeting. I theorised that he lived in an apartment above and was a dealer. Maybe I was right, maybe not. Certainly looked sus though.

Around the same time, I visited Moonee Ponds. It was quietish, but one cafe was busy outside. Lots of dark clothing, dark sunglasses, darkish skin tones and dark expensive cars nearby.

What is going with all these spiv types? How can they appear to be wealthy but not seem to be ever at their office working.

You whistle and I will point, but seemingly Vic Police sees no evil.

Perhaps they are busy targeting Swanston Street in the city. A month ago within a fortnight I saw two separate parcels handed over and money exchanged as I passed by in a tram. I don't think they were balls of 3 ply 21 micron merino that were exchanged.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Batchelor Gay

R is away with work and has been since last Thursday. He returns on Tuesday. Things were somewhat uncomfortable in the Highrise when he left. I have not received an sms or phone call as yet. I will sms him Sunday. See if a get a nice reply or 'eff orf bitch' reply. Ah, we mature folk really have it together.

He did not cook for two days before he left. The first day I made myself raisin toast for dinner. The next day I thought I needed something decent to eat, so I cooked a rasher of bacon with two fried eggs. He went across the road and bought Chinese take away after I had cooked my wholesome meal.

Then he was gone and I could feel the vitamins dreening away from me. I cooked up a heap of vegetables and barbecued two lamb chops.

At least he had made me a lasagne before he left. I retrieved it from the freezer and had one serve with salad and will have another before he returns. Tomorrow night I will have the other two lamb chops with vegies.

But working every day and cooking for yourself sure takes up the time. Prefaced with I don't do anything at night apart from tv and net after 8, I seem to have had no spare time at all.

Sister wants us to look after Little Jo on Wednesday night while she goes to the soccer. I am in the process of making my three day prep very special pea and ham soup for when R returns. Combined with a crusty loaf, either or both of those may soften his heart.

Written yesterday. It is now Sunday night and although I sent an sms this morning, no answer was the stern reply.

Neglected Crime

I was just looking at Crimestoppers website. I just thought I would check to see if someone who I knew is listed there as a murder victim. She is not. Why would this be so?

Perhaps because I think it was the nineties when she was murdered and the Crimestoppers seems only interested in crimes from 2000 on, unless they have reopened a case, a cold case.

What? You want the gory details? Okay.

Sis in Law's sister married a gay bloke. R and I knew he was gay as he used to stare at us. After a time they separated. There was a teenage daughter who went off the rails. I am not sure if it was because her father was gay, trauma over the separation or perhaps would have happened anyway.

Sis in Law and Tradie brother took her on as an official foster child. After a bit she bolted to Adelaide with her boyfriend. I suppose she was about 15 or 16. He was of a similar age.

They were hitchhiking back to Melbourne from Adelaide and something happened that resulted in them both being murdered and found on the side of the road.

It is an unsolved crime and I am surprised to not find two murdered teenagers on the Crimestoppers website.