Saturday, April 04, 2009

Up to you

As Thai's infuriatingly say when asked their preference, Up to you. So it is your choice. I should get on and finish some posts. A couple date back to 2007. One is ready to go, but then I only wrote it today. Any suggestions as to which I should complete first? 'Failed gay activist' is out for certain reasons as is 'Pandora'.

Crook Track


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Friday, April 03, 2009

Old Lamp #73

Another old lamp. This one sits in Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, perhaps the corner of Victoria Street. Pretty sure it would be electric and I doubt it grew there, surely moved there from somewhere else.

Change of Life

At a recent birthday celebration, a dyke friend sat under the air conditioning. I was concerned that she would get too cold. The change, she said. Jeez, she isn't that old, I thought. Apparently she is.

It connected back to something I was thinking about the other day, something from my early teen years when older women seemed to be dropping out babies out like there was no tomorrow.

I forget who told me, but it was explained to me that they were change of life babies. I may have subsequently thought about change of life babies and quickly concluded that as women age, they become less fertile and worry less about becoming pregnant, perhaps give up contraception, but at the point when they are going through menopause, for a short period, they become very fertile.

I have never bothered to check that my specularation has any basis for fact?

Oh, I am getting a bit excited. Shall I hear some 'news' from some of my girl blog mates in the future?

Ah, just learned from our weekly television guide, the phrase is 'mature age pregnancy'.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Synagogue Saved

Due to my furious lobbying on the morning of April the first, the synagogue has been saved.

Does that make it clear? An April Fools Joke.

Viva la Republique

There is plenty of passion in Australia for us to become a republic. KRudd says, not yet, but soon. The Queen lovers and sycophants speak out loudly against the idea, as do the 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it' band.

I have some sympathy with both views. It isn't actually broke and there is no pressing need. The Queen is widely respected and I would go so far as to say loved by many in Australia, perhaps more so than in England, coz we don't have deal with class issues so much. The crunch time will be when she no longer long may she reign over us.

But on the other hand, surely we are an independent country. Surely we can fuck (inserted for shock value) ourselves up as well as England has without Betty glowering down upon us. Technically, she rules us. This can't be right, even if we would jump if she said so.

This post is really just an excuse to use a couple of pics I came across on the net. Ok, I have used one before. You don't remember anyway. Add a caption if you want. Mine might be, first picture, "I have to sit next to who at dinner? A Kev and a Tess from Australia?"
or, "I just so am not going to that Maggie woman's funeral. You can't make me."

Second, "I didn't really want to come across William's personal pictures when I was researching sporrans on the internet. Clearly he has his father's genes. I did change Chas's nappy once or twice."

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Words #35

My gardening friend started it in the eighties when he insisted on pronouncing Ficus as you would say fickle. Later I learned it was actually Ficus, the i being like eye. But to this day, I cannot bring myself to say it this way.

Along came gardening guru Don Burke in the nineties, late eighties even. Never liked him, although he was interesting and entertaining. He used to say PERgola rather than perGOLa. He may well have been technically correct, but it sounds stupid. Stick with the way most people say it.

There was a brief period in the nineties when people started saying HiMALayas rather than HimaLAYas.

Pattaya in Thailand was another. Fortunately the PatTAYa pronounciation seems to have died.

I am just not going down the road of new names for Indian cities. Calcutta will not become Kolkutta in my world. My Indian workmates still call Madras as such when discussing cricket in Chennai and how could the glorious city of Bombay become Mumbai.

Saigon became Ho Chi Minh City. Only technically. No local used it. Saigon will always be Saigon.

Myanmar seems to have disappeared and we are back to Burma and Rangoon, not Yangon. Fortunately they left Mandalay alone. The Road to 'insert alternative to Madalay' would not have been nearly as melodic.

Cambodia changed to the Democratic Republic of Kampuchea. I used Kampuchea for a while, but it reverted to Cambodia and I wondered why I bothered changing.

I call Rome, Rome, not Roma. I call Paris, Paris, not Paree (although I might say gay Paree for theatrical effect). I think I shall revert to calling Beijing Peeking.

My pet peeve words remain constant.

Sport commentators have a lot to answer for as they are who promoted 'back to back' instead of consecutive. What is wrong with consecutive wins?

The biggest gripe of all for me, disorientated. Why not disoriented? I am disorientated. I am disoriented. Why add extra? It is a battle lost already.

And to finish, one that never occurred to me, but I heard of recently, why would you abbreviate world wide web, three syllables, to www, nine syllables? In fact let www just die. It has served its purpose. It is no longer needed. Just forget the http://www. No longer required and please people on the radio, stop laboriously saying www.

Farewell to the Gog

We affectionately call the synagogue opposite us 'the gog'. I recall the kerfuffle when the visiting Israeli PM called in to pray? Choppers, barricades and cops everywhere. Doubt anyone would have known otherwise. You can see some of 'the gog' in my blog photo heading.

We make a joke about it being a Muslim terrorist target, and therefore could be a threat to us nearby. Our friends joke about slipping on some rubber band like things on the footpath outside the gog when they visit us. Once we were watching them arrive from the balcony and the looked up and saw us and did this very animated slipping exhibition.

Of course no doubt it will be a long fought battle at the evil VCAT, but I don't expect anything will be overturned.

I have always wondered how sustainable such a large building was for the Jewish peeps, and it would seem it is not and 'the gog' must go. Now the battle is for what replaces it. Of course the developer wants to breach the 'advised' height limit and I am sure he will, it is always a he.

I am surprised the building doesn't have some sort of heritage protection, but it would seem not. The wreckers are supposed to move in around June.

I kind of like 'the gog' across the road. Demolishing it is really going too far. Quite a few apartments could be fitted within its structure, but developers never seem to like this idea. I suspect they just don't make as much profit.

I guess once it is gone and something shiny goes up, I will adjust.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Dark Sin City

Sydney suffered a major loss of electricity yesterday.

It was not, as often it is, a contractor cutting a cable. A defensive government spokesperson or Minister tells us the cause is not a maintenance issue, nor is it aging infrastructure.

It must be an act of god then.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Jim's Mowing

I thought the company Jim's Mowing was pretty good. I started to be concerned when I learned Jim was a born again christian. My personal issues aside, it is amusing how many Jim's franchise companies are around. I wish I had written them down when I saw a new one.

So we have Jim's Mowing.
Did I see Jim's Accounting?
Add some in comments and we may get a full list and I will add them to this post.

Thanks Ann.
Jim's Finance Professionals
Jim's Dogwash

Tony adds
Jim's Antennas

Cazzie adds Jim's Blinds

Brian adds a silly comment

TVAU directs us to the website. Why didn't I think of that?

Jayne uncharacteristically adds a sarky comment.

Andy self promotes his own vulgar sense of humour.

And I cut and paste from Jim's website.

Jim’s Antennas Jim's Bin Cleaning Jim's Blind Cleaning Jim's Bookkeeping
Jim's Building Maintenance Jim's Carpet Cleaning Jim's Car Cleaning Jim's Cleaning
Jim's Computer Services Jim's Dog Wash Jim's Fencing Jim's Finance Professionals
Jim's Floors Jim's Mowing Jim's Painting Jim's Paving
Jim's Pergolas Jim's Plumbing Jim's Pool Care Jim's Pressure Cleaning
Jim's Roofing Jim's Skip Bins Jim's Test and Tag Jim's Trees
Jim's Window Cleaning Jim's Windscreens

Emerald Park Lake

How nice is Emerald Park Lake, or as I discussed elsewhere with someone, Lake Treganowan. Was it you Cazzie?

It did not take me long to work out why I like it so much. Amid the Australian bush is a park with a lake, lots of birds, a Puffing Billy railway station, green grass, paddle boats on the lake, but best of all, it is very heavily planted with exotic trees. Poplars, elms, oaks, liquid ambers, spruce and many other species with nary a gum tree in sight. While I love our Aussie bush, nothing can beat these large exotic trees to provide shade, cool and a sense of tranquility.

We had a family gathering there yesterday and it was a perfect day. We met Tradie Brother's girlfriend's teen age son for the first time. Not a bad kid but as the Bone Doctor said, he did not come across as a high achiever.

After a barbecue/picnic lunch, we took Little Jo to see her first steam train. We missed its arrival but it sat at the station for a while. She was fascintated by the sound of the steam train. She jumped a bit when the whistle blew. After five minutes or so, it started off to Gembrook. We waved to all the passengers and many waved back. Just a curiousity here. Online Melways is not working so I checked a detail on Google Maps and according to Google, the train terminates at Emeral Lake. It used to but for quite some time it has been extended to Gembrook via Cockatoo. Google Maps still shows a tram track running into the long demolished South Melbourne Tram Depot, so they don't have a good history with shiny steel rails.

Some, not me because I know it is hard work, decided to have a go on the peddle boats. Tradie Brother and his girlfriend took to one boat, and Bone Doctor and Mother took to another. Of course with much hilarity Mother almost fell in the water as she got into the boat. She found somewhere to prop her feet and let the super fit Bone Doctor do all the work. They raced Tradie Brother for the length of the lake and given only one was pedalling in one boat, Bone Doctor kept up well.

The beautiful early Autumn light was starting to dull, so time to leave and take Mother home.

While the Puffing Billy engine looks relaxed, there was a fierce fire in its boiler fire box, getting ready for the steep climb up from the lake.

This is the only real long shot I took of Emerald Lake Park. Tradie Brother and his girlfriend are heading out to the middle of the lake. Our picnic table was under the tree with the autumn colours.Mother and Bone Doctor set off from the wharf. Not sure why Mother is holding her hat as there was little breeze.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Melbourne Church of England Grammar School is at it again. What recession? Snort. Since we moved here some six years ago, this is the third major building project undertaken. It is a school for the elite, or was. Now it is subsidised by Mrs Nguyen who gets up at five thirty in the morning, prepares food for her family, goes off to work all day in a factory, comes home and does what a wife and mother does in the evening and falls exhaustedly into a six hour slumber and pays her taxes. Some of Mrs Nguyen's taxes support this school. The government school where she sends her children could only dream of having the facilities, resources and education standards to be had at MGS.

I ain't having a go at you if your children attend a private school. Good on yer. If I had children and I could afford it, I would probably do the same, but it just ain't right for public money to be lavished on private schools while so many state schools are in a very poor condition. If people want a posh education, let them pay for it. If they want a religious education, let them pay for it.