Friday, January 16, 2009

Computer Update #63

Well, the finale has arrived. The final solution. You must be relieved to be relieved of reading about such boring shite.

I visited computer man this morning to discuss the problem. He fell silent while his brain ruminated. He saw some sense in my bald statement that it was a modem problem. I was nearly ready to buy a new one myself, but I wouldn't without a guarantee that it would fix the problem.

Here is the plan, he said. We will try a new network card and if that does not work, a new computer. "Are you open tomorrow, Saturday?", I asked. No, he said. "Are you home tonight?", he asked. From 6.20 I will be. Good, he said. Back up as you need to. I will come at six. Fortunately I knew R would be home. As it was, he turned up a bit after seven. After connecting up the new computer, when he not did show at the appointed time, by 6.50 I reconnected the old computer to check email. I did not want new email going onto the new computer in case he took it away a deleted all on the hard drive. Still with me?

While I was at work this afternoon, I thought, I bet he has a mate from his own country who can help him with this problem. Lo and behold, I reckon it proved to be true.

He arrived very business like and did not admire the highrise views. He was straight away down on his knees, ass up in front of me, behind the computer. Well, if he was a bit younger.........

He ripped out the USB cable from the modem to the new computer and replaced it with ethernet cable connection. Lo and bloody behold, the new computer now works. Who would have thunk it.

It is seldom anything troubles me to not sleep well. But last night the computer problem caused me bad sleep. Today, problem is solved. I feel a bit delerious after three plus weeks of bother.

Still plenty of stuff to do to get the computer back to how we were used to the old one, but I am used to that and I can do that. Must say though, this new computer is lightening fast. No waiting for stuff to open.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Computer Update #24

I am feeling sorry for computer man. I am also feeling sorry for myself. Picked new computer up again but was busy so did not connect it until today. R may have wanted to look at a pornographic site last night, so the last thing I would want to inflict on him is a defective computer.

I connected it up today and while all the previous mentioned things have been replaced, I managed to make it fail on the first site, The Age, the second site, Yahoo mail. All done within a minute and yet computer man took it home and surfed on it, surfed on it in in the shop, left it on all the time, and it will not fail for him.

I got busy with extension leads, various power sockets and circuits and have absolutely established it is not a power supply problem.

I have tried cordless and corded keyboard and mouse. Printer works fine.

Only one thing left. The Telstra modem.

When we moved here, the Telstra tech person came the first day to connect us to the back bone wired cable internet in the building. He could not make it work with the six year old cable modem. He tried a new modem after some hours of playing, and suddenly it worked. After complaining to Telstra about having to buy a new modem, they paid half.

I think we are about to go down the same path. I will suggest this to computer man and maybe he can lend me a newish modem to establish that internet connection is the problem.

If you want a ripper read of how bad Telstra can be, take a read of Victor's post on trying to update his Foxtel connection.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angry 2

Pox on Channel 7 and on ABC local radio Melbourne host Rafeal Epstein. They continue to question the sympathy of the small New Zealand companies who want some money for services provided, even though those companies have clearly expressed sympathy.

Tragic of course that two Indian born Australian brothers were killed by an ice slide in New Zealand. That they disobeyed the warning signs sounds very Australian, but you may suffer the consequences. I am a whimp and always obey such significant signs.

But the car hire company who hired the car to the family of the brothers wants at least payment of its costs. The motel where the family was booked to stay but did not because of the mishap also want their money, especially since the booking was reinforced subsequent to the accident.

The amount of money is question for both would be less than $1000. Really, it should come out of their estate if they are really responsible for the debt. From what I observed, it was family thing, but it is not unreasonable for these small businesses to want payment. When will people get it through their heads, private companies are there to make a profit. They are not charities.

I saw one of the brother's aunts on tv tonight, and she just racked of money. Yes, subjective judgement! You don't?

As a gesture of goodwill in tragic circumstances, the New Zealand government should have paid the bills before anyone started squawking. Now many people will be turned off tourism in one of the most gorgeous places in the world.

I am surrounded by fools and idiots.

Angry 1

It was hot in Melbourne yesterday, 37C or something like 100F. Thankfully we don't get too many days like this in summer but we do get a few. But it seems that this is an extraordinary event for our train system, seeming like it has never been experienced before. Power supplies fell down, tracks buckled, air con units failed. A total of 28 evening peak trains cancelled, many people who could not fit onto a train and one train load of passengers delayed for two hours plus.

Being a person of experience in a vaguely related area, I believe it was pretty well only air con units failing, reinforced by Daniel's comment on this post, in response to mine (ha Daniel, better you don't acknowledge my comments, lest you get quoted).

Buckling tracks either cause trains to go slow, or to not run at all. Slow going would not cause so many cancellations. Power supplies knocked out by heat??? New one to me.

Air conditioning failure and poor maintenance of such is the only thing that makes any sense to me, and for that the blame can be fairly laid at the feet of the operator of the trains, Connex. This is perhaps only slightly ameliorated by the fact that the tracks, the power supply and the trains are all government owned, so the government is ultimately responsible.

Great to see some buck passing happening......not the government's fault, says transport minister. Not Connex's fault says Connex spokesperson who goes on to moan about ageing government infrastructure. Minister Kosky and Connex are only going through the motions. They both know that they are for the chop very soon.

Points, a la as The Age has started inserting in their online editions.

Trains and trams and infrastructure are pretty well government owned. Blame the government, not the operator.

Trains and trams are operated by private companies. It follows, minimise expenditure, maximise profits. The operators are employed by the government, so if the operators don't perform, then blame the government.

The State Opposition Liberal Party can bang on all they like about how little the government has done for public transport over the last ten years, and they may well have a valid point, but who screwed it up in the first place, resulting in innumerable private companies operating our public transport, umpteen different types of trains maintenance companies and ditto for trams.

Links to make sure that media monitors pick up this post. Connex , Yarra Trams , Kosky , Victorian State Government , public transport .

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PC Update

Computer man has now replaced RAM, power supply, mother effing board, and CPU. Do I have any faith that it will work when I pick it up tomorrow? None at all.

Motherhood and letter writers

I suppose it is a good thing. Never tried it. Don't want to.

I like motherhood when it is teamed with statement, a motherhood statement. In fact, just yesterday I managed to finish last Thursday's newspaper and I came across a humdinger, a letter to to the editor written by one Mr Rob Kemp. It warned of the dangers of mixing your car with a a large train. Well, who would have thought that!

Who would have thought that it was dangerous to be in front of an approaching train? Yet, so many do end up to be victims of trains, it seems such motherhood statements need to be read and reinforced.

It was a sensible letter and I wish I could find a link to it (stick one in comments if you have it Rob). If it makes one person think a bit more before doing something silly, then it is worth Mr Rob Kemp's efforts.

Speaking of letter writers, it is sad to hear that Constance E. Little, formerly of Swan Reach, latterly somewhere else, has reached an age where she is not refilling her pen with Swan Ink anymore. Almost as sad as when Charlotte Hartwig of St Kilda, another prolific letter writer to the paper, died.


Yep, that is where I am but I am referring to the movie. I was a little doubtful because of its length, but the time passed quickly enough. The Classic in Elsternwick is always a nice place to see a movie. Noted that it now seems to be owned by Readings, of bookshop fame. Must investigate this further.

Yes, there are heaps of things you could pick it up on, but it was a good story well presented. Even Nicole's acting I thought was ok. The shining star was the young Aboriginal boy, Brandon Walters, and of course you would guess that it did not care for Hugh Jackman taking his shirt off. Not usually my type, but he looked great. David Wenham of Seachange fame was also an excellent baddie.

It was also somewhat less than the three hours that I thought it ran for.

It is not an historical narrative, just a tale told well and I recommend it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Volcano in Melbourne?

A volcano in our Royal Botanic Gardens? How odd! It may well look like a volcano from the outside, but as in this photo, in the south east corner of the RBG, sits a crater, lined with bluestone and in the past it was used to store water for the gardens before the gardens were connected to the mains water supply in the 1950s.

The crater was full leaf and plant litter and very overgrown. It has been cleaned out, connected to local storm water drains and a boardwalk is being built on the perimeter. Look out for a water feature and floating garden beds too. What an exciting project. I ought to go and have a look.

Pic courtesy The Age.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My bedroom wall adorned

In my profile pic, you can kind of see something on the wall behind me. It was a very colourful picture of parrots. It did not fit in with decor of my room really, and I think it was what was left over after most pictures found their place when we moved into the highrise.

I saw this replacement at the market at Docklands, ummed and ahhed about but when I returned a week later to buy it, the stall was not there. I returned two weeks later and the stall was not there. I took it as an omen that I wasn't meant to have it gracing my bedroom wall.

Then last week at the St Kilda Night Market, I spied her and her stall. I consulted with R, our friend from Japan and the ambo driver. They seemed to like it, so I bought it for $40. Big spender hey.

I think it is fired enamel on tin. The tin is very thin. I have decided it needs a little friend to the right to balance it in the room, so at some point, it will be back to the market. If you think it looks balanced, and it kind of does in the photo, you are not seeing the whole room in context. It really does need something else.

I did clean off any suspicious marks on the wall before hanging it.

You can damn it with faint praise if you wish, but matters not. I like my gecko crawling up the wall. Hope it is secure. If it falls, it may well slice my neck open while I am sleeping.

Flowers Delivered

Mother is fuming that only one person sent flowers to Step Father's funeral, his brother. We gently reminded her of all the flowers that she had received and that she ran out of vases to put them in.

The Brighton Antique Dealer sent us flowers. It is quite an unusual arrangement but a good one to send blokes I think. Not too frilly. The strappy leaves fascinated me, almost black with red edging, perhaps sprayed with a gloss.

Seven things you don't know about me

I seem to wear my life on the sleeve of my heart in my blog, so I may struggle here.

1/ I was grabbed around the throat by a customer at work one day. I should have made a fuss, but instead flew off to New Zealand the next day on holidays. It was a long time ago, but it did have a profound impact upon me. I absolutely abhor any kind of physical violence.

2/ I am fat. I have the typical male guts of my age, fed by too much fruit in the form of grape juice. So just my guts really. Nothing else fat except.....well, too personal.

3/ I love and hate my city and my country in probably equal portions.

4/ I love Euro style trance/tech/dance music. Sitting with head phones on and listening and I am in another world. But I seldom do it, but when I do..... Bit sad for someone my age.

5/ I am extremely fussy about my fingernails and eyebrows. Both will always present as perfect.....almost. Could do better. Fingernails I manage in work time, eyebrows in my own time. I would call it making the best of a bad job.

6/ I have had a broken arm, leg, wrist and nose, all before I was 8. The nose was when I was only 2; a neighbour dropped me face down on a concrete step.

7/ I used to have a bad habit, broken now, of playing with my back in public; scratching at it, picking at it, rubbing my shoulder blades. Once R told me to stop adjusting my bra strap in public a couple of times, I did stop.

Gay guys always go to the extreme, so I must add an extra one.

8/ I have an irrational fear of being hit by a car when sitting or waiting at a tram or bus stop. I know the odds are in my favour, but a wet road, idiot driver, skidding along the road, slamming in the tram shelter I am sitting in.......