Monday, December 07, 2009

WTC Wharf

After our initial visit to South Wharf and the new DFO shopping centre, a few days later I returned to the area for a slower look around the World Trade Centre Wharf. It was Oaks Day. Flinders Street was abuzz with people going off to the horse races but there was decent number flowing into So Cross Station too. A very good train service was being provided, with a train every couple of minutes and people being marshalled via PA to stand at an end of the platform and get into certain carriages.

Opinions are now being expressed on South Wharf and the new DFO store. Take a look here and here and our own visit here. While it is not far from the nearest tram line, there certainly doesn't seem to feel like there is any effort by DFO to attract anyone from the tram lines. No obvious connection at all. I will go out on a limb and suggest that if there is not a quick increase in activity in that area, DFO will fail at this location. From the tram, you must cross a wide and busy road, wind around a couple of buildings, cross the river on this bridge, then walk along the river bank.

Plenty of work is happening on the World Trade Centre Wharf. It might be quite good when it is done. The eateries inside the WTC were quite busy.

Just for Jahteh, I took this closeup photo of the fish. The ever so clever Altissima guessed that they are old Commonwealth Games river fish and that makes sense to me. I found a few more along a short lane.

I am really not sure, but I think this barge might have something to do with putting a new sewerage trunk line under the river.

Back on my way into the city I stood on a corner and looked at this new apartment building and how close it is to the railway line. A few metres from the balconies, a train passes by. Trains are not quiet beasts. Even with double glazing, the occupants would have to hear the trains, or feel the vibration surely. As for the balconies, well, would they really be usable?


  1. Anonymous4:00 pm

    And who was the planning minister who let that apartment block be built so close to the railway line?

    Suppose you could always leap from the train to your balconey - save the walk from the station.

  2. That apartment block in your final picture is an eye sore. It is probably one of the ugliest buildings on Fliders street (the brown poles look like scaffolding and makes the building appear unfinished) and is poorly designed.

    Going past it on the train every day, I've managed to have a good look at the units facing the tracks. There is no double glazing. The windows are actually louvered! How stupid is that?! The architects solution is to position the kitchen to face the train tracks. From the kitchen, there is a sliding door that can be opened or closed into the rest of the unit. Pity the person who is stuck with the cooking. It would be a horrible space to host dinner parties if you are trying to cook and entertain at the same time.

    Apologies for the rant.

  3. Thanks CameraFace, I love that fish and I remember that various councils were given the chance to purchase the fish. I have a feeling that Kingston might have bought one for Mordialloc beach or tried to. Jayne might remember.

  4. Yes, hubby and I discussed the position of that DFOonly yesterday as we travelled into town. The advertisemen says something along the lines of it being so accessible via public transport, yadda yadda..but it is not...and we concured on that.
    That building pictures...yukko!

  5. I don't know Anon. It would have been the one before Madden I guess. Pretty obvious what you are getting into though. Buyer beware.

    AR, I have only seen it from train and tram. I need to walk past on the other side of the street. But interesting what you say. I will guess investors buy and rent to whoever. It certainly isn't the kind of place people would want to buy and live in. Maybe the eastern end of the building is better.

    Weather is nice and cool Jahteh. Hop on a bus and investigate where the fish might be at Mordialloc. You don't have much else to do.

    Interesting Cazzie. I did not know they advertised it as being easy to access from public transport. It is not really. I can see the need for a new tram line in that direction.

  6. Yeah I see what you meant about the minor trumpingI gave you. I feel like you were following me, only I was about 2 weeks behind you. I totally agree about that apartment building.

  7. Yeah well Ben, I think you were swanning about the west coast of the US when I was down at Flinders Street.


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