Monday, December 14, 2009

Tram Museums

Not sure if I have mentioned it before, but does not Victoria's plethora of tram museums seem absurd? Malvern, Hawthorn, Bylands, Bendigo and Ballarat and there is something at the railway workshops in Newport I believe.

NSW has only one I believe and it is excellent. Oh that the talents within all Victoria's tram museums be combined. I think Bendigo and Ballarat should remain, but some kind of amalgamation should happen between some of the others.

There is another too, one I knew little about. A friend was passing by and she took some snaps. This one is at Haddon, just a short distance from Ballarat. The web tells me it is a preservation society but clearly it is similar to a museum. My friend says it was set up by a father to help with his son's learning difficulties. What a grand idea.

Here are a few photos my friend took from outside the property.


  1. The place at Newport (in Champion rd) is a train museum. Has some old carriages etc, you can have a sticky, kids run around. Might be more these days, but I haven't been since eldest was about 3, so that would be 10 years ago? Sheesh...

  2. Here is a link to their website: Looks like it's grown in the last 10 years!

  3. The train museum does have one tram in it, a Victorian Railways one.

    I had heard there was something at Malvern, but have no idea how to find it.

    I think you're right; one big museum, well funded and publicised (unlike most of them), and easy to get to by means other than car (unlike Bylands) would be very popular.

  4. I believe Blackpool's decided to build a tram museum for itself. I'm not sure why. The whole lot's a museum as it is.

  5. Must be time for another visit Raelene. Almost a new generation you have now. Ta for the link.

    Precisely Daniel. Sydney Tram Museum is a pleasant train ride from town. Malvern is in Stanhope Street, Armadale and by appointment only. I think it only has memorabilia. Bendigo is reasonably impressive, especially with their car restoration projects where other museums pay them to restore trams.

    I had a look at this Brian a few weeks ago. It is not firm yet. But I think it could go off like the clackers. Your system is to be treasured and I cannot understand the need for new modern vehicles. Retro fitting heating where required and frequently cleaning the salt off the windows would make a big difference. Travelling to Fleetwood by tram and not meeting you was one the most pleasant things we did.

  6. Electrification and all. What a fantastic effort to go to for your child!

  7. "Travelling to Fleetwood by tram and not meeting you was one the most pleasant things we did."

    You cheeky monkey. I'll let that one pass, but only because it's Christmas.

  8. Wow.
    What a powerful thing a father's love for his son is.

    Yes, while the state govt is proud to trumpet these many museums as drawcards for tourists and their dosh the same govt isn't quite prepared to organise the whole lot into an easily locatable position.

  9. Kidding of course Brian. One of my regrets.

    Jayne, it is a story I would like to know more about. Indeed gov should take a lead.


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