Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tiger Teeth

I am not convinced that it was a good idea for Victoria to pay $3.5 million to Tiger Woods for him to visit here to play in a competition. Y'know, it is a competition. Prize money and all that. It no doubt amused a few, but caused endless headaches for people trying to go about their business in the area when Tiger was playing. In spite of the money he was paid, the he would not even visit the burnt out town of Marysville for a charity golf match. Was that to be an extra $500k?

I will ignore the elephant in the room and just talk about teeth. I like a nice set of teeth. I like white teeth. Some black people and some Asian people seem to have natural extra white teeth. But there is such a thing as teeth being too white.

American tv shows often have people with teeth that are too white. I not like.

On one side of the Atlantic you have England and their teeth are just teeth, and just very natural on the whole (Queen in waiting excepted. I respect her her for not having them fixed). On the other side of the Atlantic you have the US, and from what I see in tv shows, many have scarily white teeth. Was it Farah Fawcett Majors who started this?

So aren't Tiger's teeth just that too bit white, especially considering where they might have been. Funny, I like black guys and I like Asian guys, but Tiger just does not do it for me at all.


  1. Whiter than his blood shot eyes (secondary to long flights I would say)

  2. I suppose the contrast with skin colour accentuates the whiteness of the teeth.

  3. Cazzie, what might he have been doing to make him tired?

    True Victor, but even so.

  4. He needs those whiter-than-white toothy pegs to play around those extra holes...

  5. Norty Jayne. To the corner.