Sunday, December 20, 2009

St Vincents Plaza

There are worse places to stand waiting for a tram than St Vincents Plaza. Calling tram stops plazas rather amuses me. Still, it is better than the cumbersome 'interchange'. SVP has some rather nice building around it.

This is the old Eastern Hills Fire Station. I popped inside not so long ago. Pretty nice hey.

I am not keen on pink buildings, although the brightly coloured Art Deco buildings in Napier, New Zealand and Miami, Florida is it? Well the pink ones look good among their counterparts. Regardless, no need to demolish old buildings. They can be turned into anything you like. I would guess East Hill House has modern offices inside. At least the modern building either side don't smack me in the face with their presence. See Jussy Madden, it is not necessarily about individual buildings, but also streetscapes and surrounds.

Why had I never noticed how gorgeous the facade of St Vincent's Hospital is before? The photo does not do it justice.

Now this pile of junk below, just a couple of weeks after I snapped the photo, has been demolished. But you have to look a bit deeper to see and learn of its merit. Of course it is Planning Minister Madden's fault that it was demolished. He is the boss of such matters. It is a bit hard to see in my photo, but the building has a very stylish Art Deco tower. It had to go. Profit for developers is the prime consideration and undoubtedly we will see something as tall as they can get away with. Bosco Parrasio has a rather good post about the building, with an old photo as well. Read some more details at Melbourne Heritage Watch. Old as I am, I wasn't around to see the grand houses of St Kilda Road destroyed, nor many of the grand buildings in the city. I thought it was all history that would not be repeated, and yet our heritage is still being felled like our native trees for woodchips. Resign Madden, you are a disgrace.


  1. The sad thing about demolishing that lovely deco facade, is that the replacement building will most definitely not be admired for it's style when it is 70 years old.
    I know now that Napier NZ is all art-deco because an earth tremor rocked it in the 30's and they had to rebuild. Coincidentally, right this second my dear Melbourne friend Felicity is visiting Napier.
    They have a big deco festival every February apparently.

  2. Easthill House has a lovely florist on the ground floor, next to an opticians. Despite walking past this building thousands of times I've never know what was on the upper levels. I love that little tram stop, it's where I've spent countless minutes over the last 3 years, both for uni and clinical plcement.
    The archive section of St Vincent's has some thoroughly fascinating pics of the hospital and surrounding areas going back a hundred years or more, I spent some time in there earlier this year. Loved it!

  3. There are worse places to stand waiting for a tram than St Vincents Plaza.

    The top of Mount Everest for one. The service up there is appalling.

  4. EmEss, I think it will be a nice building and if it is not too tall, it may well fit its surrounds. But I am with you. No-one will be decrying its demolition in 2080. I would like to go back to NZ again. I just mentioned it to R tonight.

    The archive thing sounds interesting Fen. I don't know much about St Vees, it being catholic and me being not. Would you not buy your flowers at what surely must be the most competitive location in Melbourne for flowers, cnr B'wick Road and Lygon St where there is precisely one thousand flower shops?

    Brian, I thought your net connection may have been cut due to your weather. Are you taking bracing walks?

  5. Anonymous11:15 pm

    Yes, I love looking at the old buildings here in Melbourne. Speaking to a German friend, and showing her our "old" buildings made her laugh.... only because "old" to a German would be like...15th Century! Haha. Our history is just so young.

  6. Andrew,

    A bit of snow never hurt anyone...well...apart from that lot who tried to find the north pole...or the south pole...whatever it was they were looking didn't do them much good whatever the case, but the pathetic dowsing of snow we've had is typical of the time of year, although, inevitably, it brings the country to a grinding halt.

  7. And so Cazzie, we have to love the little we have.

    Brian, it seems Eurostar does not like the cold weather. Everything fails here when it is hot or wet. Everything on your side fails when it is cold.

  8. Don't worry, I'm not religious at all, but the story behind the hospital is really cool. Not only is there that florist there, another one exists in the private part of the hospital and another again in the public.