Wednesday, December 30, 2009


After a very long period of not getting any spam, my blog has been targeted of late. I had comments allowed for two weeks and after that, I have to approve comments. While there is the odd real comment, most are spam.

One post in particular, Tech Wreck, was spammed daily by a comment written in Japanese. After weeks of daily non approval, I switched off new comments for that post. Wasn't a mate of yours was it Vik? If it was a Japanese bloke suggested we could do naughty things things together, translate please.

I have now switched comments having to be approved back to one week after the post. While I know a couple of spam comments have slipped through the net and you may have seen them before I deleted them, on balance, I would rather have that happen than switch on word verification.

Word verification is quite easy now and I don't mind doing it to make a comment on a blog, but at the same time, subconsciously I think, don't you know who I am? Don't you trust me? Even worse is the message 'comment awaiting approval'. This really makes me feel alienated. I know, I know. There are good reasons why people do this, and really I don't take it personally, but there may well be a need for a 'trusted list' for blog comments. For all the gimicky things Blogspot keeps telling me about, the trust list for comments would be a good thing.


  1. yes it feels bad when your comment goes into a holding pattern for approval.

    I have been deleting spam comments from all my blogs lately, and today changed the Comments Settings to Google Accounts Only.

    The moronic-ness of comment spam is the WORST thing.

    'naughty things' ?
    Naughty Japanese things would be very fkn weird indeed I am so sure.

  2. I haven't had spam yet, but I think I have word verification on, maybe... - you can download the audio of the horse boy interview thing at this link, sorry I can't check it as I'm at work, but I would assume it's the one I heard.

  3. oh wait, there's this one too:
    hahahahaha! They could both be wrong too. Never mind, the story's worth listening to.

    is this now considered spam? ;)

  4. I'm guilty as charged with regards to comment moderation. I'm getting a lot of spam comments so I'm leaving it as moderated for now though I may change it at some stage to Google accounts only

  5. Anonymous1:39 am

    Bravo, what necessary phrase..., an excellent idea

  6. "...a Japanese bloke suggested we could do naughty things things together, translate please."

    Translation: Please you come and spam other blogger boards with me. Is very bad.

  7. I use word verification and find it stops nearly all the spam, so I stick with it. Without it, I keep getting crud in my comment box. But like you, I can't stand the moderation thing.

    I had an interesting variation on spam recently in the 'followers' box. I don't have many followers, but one day noticed my number had jumped. Looked at the blogs they came from, and found that one blog was really just an excuse for advertising links. So I blocked that follower.

  8. Anonymous9:48 am

    I'll sign your trusted list petition!

    I'm not much a fan of word verification either, but after a few spammers it's a necessary evil.

  9. There's that crap spam again...Sling on my blogroll also cops a lot of the Japanesey stuff...a trust list would be a good idea, combined with an approval one for newcomers who might be worth a read

  10. lol how exquisite..... I reckon you have to give letter verification a whirl..... stops nearly all of that crud.....

  11. For weird sex, I think the Japanese outdo the Germans Ann.

    Thanks Fen. I will find it. I am only a quarter through your latest post.

    Very uninteresting and not fun Brian.

    Yes, it is necessary at times MD. I have done too badly.

    And just to illustrate the point, there is some pretty Japanese spam which I am about to delete.

    Exactly what I had in mind MC.

    Pretty isn't it KN. But begone spam. I have had verification on in the past.

  12. Technical term for spam Jayne?

  13. Understand TVAU. Note moderation never stops me.


  14. It's a drastic solution, but WordPress' comments filtering is amazing. I get hammered with thousands of spam comments each day, and it is rare I'll get a false positive.

    Of course, that involves importing all your content over to a new system, bit of a hassle. But it's an idea..

  15. Jeb, you must be very out there in the net world. I might get a couple a day and usually on an old post so they don't get through. I have thought about Wordpress, but like I stick with Microsoft when Apple is clearly superior, so I will stick with Blogspot. I am used to it.


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