Tuesday, December 15, 2009


This is perhaps the most boring post I have ever written. What is that? No, it isn't? I have done worse? Ok.

The quite new shredder failed almost from day one. Although it only cost about $30, I should have taken it back. I buggered it when a knife jammed it, and so could not return it.

So we bought a new one. R was determined to buy a decent one and so we paid almost $100. While I did not particularly want a cross cut model that cuts horizontally as well as vertically, it was all that was available. So far, I am very impressed. It has a large bucket that does not need emptying so often and because the paper is cut finer, more fits into a given space.



  1. You made the right choice, but guess what? - Knives, men and electric items DO NOT mix.

    If they did - you would be able to return the original one ;)

    But besides that - you are right the diagonal double cut is superior to the rest and less jams also because of the fineness!

  2. Don't I know it IAS. It does seem to be superior. Money well spent.

  3. Why on earth are you putting a knife through a paper shredder? Surely there are better ways to dispose of murder weapons?

    Seriously, I think I need a paper shredder, my desk is covered in a pile of paper.

  4. shhhhhhhh! - that secret was only between you me and the brick wall - no-one else wa meant to know ;)

    Just remember once shredded - it may not be reconstituted LOL

  5. Ben, I only mentally murder. I was trying to flick what was jamming it out and hit the trigger.

    IAS, we have had shredders for a few years now. The worst I have done was a valid petrol 4c off docket.

  6. Anonymous11:46 pm

    I want one of those..and behind me here at work we have one...and I plan on using it at the end of the shift...because I heart it LOL.

  7. Not to get rid of incriminating evidence I hope Cazzie.


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