Monday, December 21, 2009

The Rich

A conversation between R and myself had two worlds collide tonight.

R was telling me about a bloke he works with who owns properties in the Block Arcade, among other properties around and about.

I was telling R about a workmate who had a business in Malvern. The freehold owner of the building owns other Malvern properties and lives in very exclusive Finch Street in a very grand house. My workmate visited the chap once and his driveway was full of expensive cars.

So what might R's workmate and my workmate's previous owner have in common?

They don't drive and they both ride bicycles to get around.

Psst, and neither dress very well.


  1. Leases in Block Arcade have scary costs lemme tell ya.
    Property will always be a road to riches.

  2. " workmate's previous owner..."

    Your workmate was a slave?

  3. I heard $70,000 a year for one of them.

    Crabby pendent. Not my fault you are cooped up inside Brian.

  4. People who ride bicycles never dress well ;)

  5. Not so Fen. Some dress very nicely in lycra. Admittedly perhaps a minority.