Friday, December 11, 2009

Prepping for pressie day

Look how politically correct I am becoming in my senior years. Present Day indeed.

At Mother's garage sale, we acquired a christmas tree. can't think of the name. The branches light up with colours. Little Jo helped R decorate it last Sunday. She quickly lost interest but she was there when the top adornment went on. She does not like Santa, so it is a star this year.

Today we got stuck into shopping for presents. We are over half way there. We bought ourselves a present too. R bought me some new sunglasses. I went into Moot sunglasses shop to check out what they had last week, but they no longer see to carry $3o jobs, only expensive brand names. I am past brand names. The last pair I bought at Moot were a bit tight on my head when I wore them for a long time. Unbelievably, I went to the fruit and vegetable shop and then Dan Murphy's for supplies and I lost my old pair. That is within half an hour of going into the sunglasses shop to just check out what was there. I ended up buying a replacement pair for $8 from an el cheapo shop, but now I have a much nicer pair. Thanks R.

We bought three weather bureau calendars from their headquarters in Collins Street. They are good gifts for hard to buy for people. God, everyone is hard to buy for now, even Little Jo who has so many toys and a regular change over from the toy library. I also had a haircut in Brunswick Street. The old, um was it a tram power house or a cable house for trams? Anyway, there is a tiny bit left, the rest demolished. Another day should see that bit of history demolished. Love your work Minister Madden, you *&$#@)&, er, not so good person.

Total number of trams we travelled on today would have been in the high teens. Apart from one wait of five minutes, the rest arrived at the stop as we did. Why anyone would want to drive in the city, I do not know. None were overcrowded, although I do pick my trams carefully. Apart from the Bumblebee type, we travelled on every class of Melbourne tram. Well done Yarra Trams, today at least.

As our contribution of support for the the climate change gabfest at Copenhagen, this year we are not decorating our balcony with lights. Or it could be that we are over it and can't be bothered. Maybe next year.

I have made pizza for Little Jo in the past. She had returned the favour. Mine is more edible.


  1. Tim loses his sunglasses fairly often. He started buying cheap ones because of that.

    I like little Jo's pizza. Is it edible, or is paper?

  2. very sensible to always buy bargain sunnies, as they just ask to be forgotten on shop shelves and seats of any locale.
    Rivers stores carry a $20 aviator at the moment.

    and re xmas gifting - we Christians are supposed to emulate the 3 wise men who followed the star to Bethlehem and gave the baby Jesus frankincense, gold, and myrrh.

    yeah right.

  3. Cable tram engine house in Chapel St is slated for the wrecking ball, too.
    I know what I'd like to give Minister Madden for Xmess...

  4. I have no presents to buy for anyone but I would like two for myself, peace and quiet. I already have the Bombay and a box of chocolates.

  5. Dina, while I can't justify the cost of more expensive sunglasses, vision is certainly better. Get an around the neck thingie for Doona Man.

    Kinda like the above Ann. Pity I am not visiting a Rivers store soon. I like aviators. Not sure if they like me though.

    Just went past it tonight Jayne. Not sure about it really. Little of the original left. I will try to look dispassionately at it next time I pass. I was thinking of the long gone South Yarra Arms as I passed by.

    Cough cough splutter Jahteh. What about me??? Note I have a skin allergy to cheap metal. And scrap the chocolates and add more fruit to your gin.

  6. "At Mother's garage sale, we acquired a christmas tree. can't think of the name."

    I just call mine Mum, it's easier.

  7. I have called mine worse than that at times Brian.

  8. Love the pizza...looks very doubt like Little jo...


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