Saturday, December 19, 2009


I am curious about this. I never use the right hand of the keyboard number keys when I need to type numbers. I always use the numbers at the top of the keyboard. The only time I use the right hand side is if I need special characters, such as a £ symbol. So far as I am concerned, it could be chopped off the keyboard, along with the rest of the keys off the qwerty area, except the delete key and arrows. Whereas, R uses the right hand side all the time for numbers. How about you? Which do you use? Oh, and I just thought I would try one of the poll thingies, but you can answer in comments.


  1. Shades of my past spent some of the time with data entry for invoicing -- I find the numbers at the top too clunky to use and prefer using the right side set. Kind of like using a calculator, or 'phone.

  2. Top numbers.
    Also, I see the other characters in terms of their keysharing 'number'.
    If I want $ I 'think 4' etc

  3. Anonymous10:12 pm

    Definitely side numbers as is my job and spills over , is what I'm comfortable with.
    My daughter has a laptop now built like a pc keyboard, and I'm jealous I wish mine was like that!!

    Can't use the top very well, but I do know where the symbols are if needed :)


  4. I find the right hand number pad is much easier for touch typing. I miss it when it I use the laptop. The only thing is I would rather have a space bar than the calculation keys (+, - etc). I use it for typing phone numbers etc much more than for calculations.

  5. I had a front office job in a hotel where I was entering a lot of numbers into various spreadsheets, check in systems, etc.

    Once you get the hang of it, you can not just do it so much quicker, but you can also do it without looking. Think touch typing but with numbers.

    It still pisses of my friends.

  6. I only do the top numbers.

    How do you get the pound symbol from the side numbers? What other symbols are in those numbers?

  7. I use the right hand side ONLY - the only time I use the numerics are that the top of the keyboard is If I'm not wearing glasses!

    Go figure

  8. I hate it if i'm on the laptop and need to do numbers, coz it doesn't have the right hand thing...I feel lost without it! Like IAS(MOTT) I rarely use the numbers at the top of the keyboard, I find it painful!

  9. Yes, I do get that TS. I think if you need numbers a lot, it is the preferred.

    I is wit you Brownie. That is how it works for me.

    Hi Michelle. What a lovely name. It may well be the name of a close relative of mine. Again, it is work related where you have to enter numbers. I expect it is more efficient.

    Altissima, I get your point about the space bar for phone numbers. You are another person who has to enter numbers at work.

    Haha Msilsby. It kind of annoys me when R uses them. He looks like an expert. I am supposed to be the one who knows about computers.

    You are like me Victor. We only use computers for pleasure and so we only use the top numbers. Hold down the alt key and press 156 on the right hand numbers. There are heaps there, but I only know a few.

    IAS, I would have thought if you use right hand numbers, you could touch type them. Don't talk to me about glasses. Bane of my life.

    Fen, you are another person who uses numbers at work.

    Poll result at this point, 85% yes, use right hand keys and so the rest use the top keys.

    It is clearly work related. If you use a keyboard at work, and I don't, then you use right hand. I am somewhat surprised at the results.

  10. Anonymous11:12 pm

    I use both sets of numbers..sometimes together! Call me weird LOL

  11. Anonymous11:35 pm

    When I had a keyboard with numbers on the right side, I used it all the time because it was easier and also a throwback to my data entry days. My laptop has numbers at the top of the keyboard only and even though I learnt to touch type them many moons ago, I find I've lost that skill (for numbers only, I can and still do, touch type the letters). Vik.

  12. Yeah Cazzie, you are weird. Why do you think I like you.

    Ha Vik, you are another data entry person. Phht, we were just talking about you.

  13. I use the ones on top, but I wasn't actually sure at first. I had to pretend I was typing see what I naturally do.

    I know. That's really sad.

  14. Typing Dina. That is it. I used to type on a typewriter where the numbers were at the top. No such thing as numbers at the side. And before you say anything, it wasn't a big old machine from the 1940s, but a neat portable.

  15. long, long ago I could use those numbers for data entry and not even have to look, with a 90%+ success rate and some ridiculously fast speed. Alas if you don't use it you lose it and now I have to take a peek at the numbers!

  16. It would probably come back quickly to you Fen, if you started doing that work again. I touch type but not confidently with the numbers.


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