Friday, December 04, 2009

Poisoned Chalice

Once again a woman has been appointed as Premier of a state, in this case NSW, when the present government cannot possibly be re-elected. Denials that she won't be a puppet of the right wing of the NSW Labor Party don't convince me and probably no-one else either. How should we say it? Premier Keneally has been Kirnered? Or Lawarenced?

Yesterday I was very proud to receive recognition by my union for my thirty year membership, yet I say without hesitation, ex NSW Premier Rees only came across as union thug in a suit.

The last Premier of NSW, Iemma, was rolled by the left wing of the party because of his plans for privatisation of electricity generation in the state. The only ever elected female premier in Australia, Anna Bligh of Queensland, has lost much of her popularity for similar reasons.

From our Victorian experience of privatisation of power generation and delivery in Victoria, you will get a much worse service and now the companies want us to pay them to not pollute the air!

People do not want basic services privatised. What they want is good management of utilities by answerable governments. Good managers work with unions and good unions work with management. At times it might be necessary to make stands, but generally workers via their unions and management get along much better than they ever have in Australia's history.

So Ms Keneally is the sacrificial lamb and I would suspect one of her orders before the government falls is to privatise power and maybe more.


  1. Wow, I come here to get the news Andrew, I did not know this happened overnight. Well, I guess between work and the kids and farewell dinner for our Au Pair I ahave been blocking out news all together.

  2. About 7pm Cazzie, no doubt when you were right in the thick of it.

  3. They are all a bunch of thugs as much as i can see, male and female and I have experienced the kindly looking vice premier Carmel Tebutt's hypocrisy on more than one occasion. Rees nearly ran over the top of me one time and I would not like to get into a fight with him. The NSW Labor Party is so corrupt we can only hope that they get voted out for a very long time come 2011

  4. Really don't know anything about her MC. But to serve as vice premier to both Rees and Keneally smacks of a big time political player.

  5. Anonymous11:29 pm

    And it seems a bit weird a 'spetic tank' proclaiming to be a proud Australian mum. Reminded me of Palin procaliming to be a proud 'Hockey Mum'.

    Don't worry though, Labour in NSW is on it's very last legs for a long long time. Lets hope they don't f**k up the State even more till 2011.

    And we have got to make sure Tripodi, Obied and Sartor all loose their seats.

  6. The opposition in NSW is no more attractive to voters than the Government.

  7. Yes, privatisation of the services led to the unheard of excuses of "possums caused the brown/black outs" Every.Other.Day.
    Possums must have been huge fans of the former SEC not to misbehave while they ran Victoria's electricity supply....

  8. Anon, why did she need to be defensive about where she was born? Target those seats you mention and NSW will be a better place without them.

    Victor, this is the core of the problem isn't it.

    Jayne, pretty clear things are not maintained like they used to be.

  9. Unfortunately Obeid doesn't have a seat to target. He is one of those privileged Upper House members protected by proportional representation and the position in which he is placed on the ballot paper by the party.

    Only the party itself will be able to get rid of Obeid unless the electorate engages in an unprecedented mass exercise of candidate by candidate preferential voting.

  10. Carmel Tebbut is married to Anthony Albanese. Her state seat is within the boundaries of his federal seat. Talk about keeping it in the family!

  11. Then again Victor, maybe it is better to have him on the inside where he is more accountable.

    Did not know that Captain. Very incestuous.