Sunday, December 06, 2009

An Outing and I'm Not Racsist But

It was my ABI brother's fiftieth birthday last week. In case you have forgotten, ABI is Acquired Brain Injury. I no longer refer to him as brain damaged brother. He hired a venue last night for a party and we attended, as did most of our family, along with his friends. It was an ok night, although very late for Little Jo to stay up. R looked after her today while Sister and Bone Doctor went to some hockey match in Parkville and they both fell asleep together on the bed. Once again I was working.

Mother looked very nice in her $10 Savers dress. Step Mother came down from Echuca way by train for the occasion. Tradie Brother got quite drunk. Par for the course. Sis in Law and Tradie Brother's girl friend did not speak but nor did they come to blows. Mother and Step Mother are long past that point. Caught up with Dreaded Nephew for the first time since his return. We brought him back into town to catch up with friends at Riverland Bar. Nice chat in the car on the way back. Good kid and much more mature since his return from old Blighty. His two sisters worship him.

Remember, well I can hardly, but when ABI brother was on tv show earlier this year. Something about a gang of interstate girls meeting up with some local Pakenham guys. The guy who was with my brother when the show was screened was there. He was the same one ABI brother did the Ashes cricket tour with. I met him and his girlfriend.

Now she was interesting, if a bit challenging. Via ABI brother, they both knew rather a lot about me. She invaded my personal space just slightly. Not too badly, but enough for me to note a slightly visible moustache. Maybe she had a wrong impression of me from what my brother had said and she spoke a little too frankly.

"I am not a suburb snob, but truly coming out here to Pakenham is the pits." The obvious response was "Ah, so where do you live?" "Yarraville". I refrained from making a remark about what Eastern Suburbs folk might have thought of Yarraville twenty or thirty years ago. I think I made positive comments about Yarraville and Williamstown. Bah, she probably lives in Spotswood. (can a young person tell me if meh is an appropriate alternative to bah?)

She did seem like she would be good fun though, but as nominated driver, I wasn't there to have fun. She had not finished there. Slight paraphrasing follows.

"You know your work, well, how do you deal with all your co-workers? I am not racist, but......". I lack the energy to fight the good fight on much more than a non emptied rubbish bin these days. I just replied along the lines, "Well, they are rather like us actually, except a bit different".

She still hadn't finished. Sheesh, I only spoke to her for five minutes. She was surprised that I did not give her the obvious answer about the biggest problem I have in my work place. My reply was my workmates and their work performance, rather than very obvious things that most people, and she, suspect.

Thinking back on it now, I guess she had had a decent drink.

ABI used to drink heavily but no longer does since his accident some ten years or more ago. But last night, he drank a lot of beer. Tradie Brother and his girlfriend were staying the night at ABI brother's place. None of them had cars there, but I was very insistent about them getting a cab home and not walking and crossing Princes Highway in a less than sober state.

Families, who'd have 'em. Well I would really. You know who you are and your simple remark made me appreciate my brothers and sister more. I am fortunate indeed.

Little Jo went off when Mama Mia came on the Juke Box. Her eyes even went weird.


  1. It seems that only kids and gay men react to music in this sort of way.

    As an aside, to me it looks like Little Jo is actually floating off the floor.

  2. AR, all babies are born with the Abba gene. As a hetro male baby grows, the gene disappears but in gay men it grows. Jo's legs certainly are at an odd angle. She was spinning around. Spooky photo really.

  3. Meh is akin to waving your hand to dismiss a minor irritation, somewhat similar to bah.
    Love the pic of Little Jo; kids and ABBA can always be relied upon to drag any gathering up a few notches ;)

  4. I think your interpretation of the Abba gene.

    Anyway, we have something in common. I have a sibling with an ABI as well. Is your brother doing fairly well? My sister's accident happened close to twenty years ago. She doesn't seem brain damaged anymore.

    For the first two or so years, she acted like someone who was mentally-retarded/challenged. What's the politically correct term these days?

    I had never realized before...that this could happen to someone. I always thought retardation was something people were born with.

    Was your brother in a coma?

    As for racism...I think EVERYONE is at least a little bit racist. But it's usually the very racist people who say stuff like "I'm not racist but...."

  5. Anonymous5:18 pm

    'Jo's legs certainly are at an odd angle.'

    Was gunna suggest she see the Bone Doctor to get them fixed......and have an excorcism for the Devil eyes...

  6. Anonymous5:40 pm

    My ABBA gene is alive and well and kicks in whenever it's exposed to appropriate stimuli. On Saturday night 'Hasta Manuana' (sorry about the spelling) was heard when passing the open door of a restaurant - the song stayed with me for the rest of the night! And we didn't even go into that establishment. Vik.

  7. My favourite fighting words 'I'm not racist but..' and after two weeks of taxi drivers of all kinds including Australian, I can only say men are the same whatever colour, country or religion...imbeciles.

    I exempt you from that generalization, Andrew dear.

  8. Yayy Little Jo... my Mia thinks that song was made just for her! She tells me so whenever it is on the boom box :)
    One saying I used alot when the kids were younger was "KIds, who'd have 'em". well, just like you said there, "I would". I would not change a thing either :)

  9. Pressed a wrong button and lost my comments. It is never as good the second time.

    Jayne, I will continue to use bah then.

    Dina, you meant I am right? I will send you email about the rest.

    Hehe Anon. I don't pull posts or photos without good reason, but I kind of wish I could pull the photo.

    Vik, Hasta Manana till we meet again. Don't know where, don't know when. Kinda works hey?

    Jahteh, soap and water. Men are wonderful and what you see is what you get. How can they get you from point a to point b when their minds are full of sex.

    Oh yeah Cazzie. I never thought of that. It will work even better when she is grown up and has kids.