Friday, December 18, 2009

Old Bags

No, no. Not you darls. Some odd bags have appeared in the accumulation of plastic bags in the Highrise.

The first has addresses of supermarkets in California all over it. They appear to mainly sell food for Latin people. Absolutely no idea where this came from.

No, I don't have any special news to impart, although as one ages, one's visual appearance could indicate early stages of pregnancy. I have a pretty good idea that my sister may be responsible for this bag appearing in our pile. Often when I go out, I use a stout plastic bag to carry water, newspapers, camera etc. I don't think I will be using this one.


  1. Awww, you know you wanna use that bag Andrew, hehe :)

  2. Cazzie, I may have very well once or twice seen a guy and thought that I would like to have his babies, but the thought quickly passed.

  3. That Bellies to Babies bag looks like a stray photocopy I once found the morning after the Museum office party.

  4. On topic and topical Brian. Very good.

  5. Andrew,
    ... & I thought I had some very interesting collections. Actually, I have too many plastic bags too, but I use them on dog walks to pick up canine poops, good citizen that I am.
    I feel you are lucky to have summer during the holidays, Will you be spending them with Nicole & Keith?
    I am grateful to have discovered your blog & to read about you this year. Happy Holidaze from Portland Oregon USA!

  6. I could rattle off the name of a few pollies who need 'preserving' in those bags, Andrew ;)

  7. Hi Stephen, best wishes to you too. Alas Nicole wisely does not trust me around Keith, so I won't be catching up with them.

    Jayne, you would do with them what used to be done to unwanted kittens.


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