Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh dear, what can the matter be

Poor old R got locked in the lavatory, well bathroom actually.

A couple of weeks ago I was woken by a banging noise. R could not get his bathroom door open. I slid a knife under the door and he manipulated the bolt and was freed.

I removed the bolt and left it until I had time to fix it. The mechanism is complicated with both a lock and an emergency release. The lock has never really worked, so I decided to replace the bolt with a non locking and non emergency release one. I will do the same for the toilet door which also has the same system.

I have used a locksmith in Malvern Road before, but both times I went there before christmas, he was out on the road and closed. I knew of one in Clarendon Street which we have also used. Damn, it has closed down. I used the business search facility on my phone and showed a locksmith in nearby Coventry Street. It turned out to be a hardware store, but a rather good one. The lads were very helpful and the bolts only cost $16 for two.

It turned out to be a pretty cheap and simple job.

For a change, we did not have anything planned for the rest of the day, so we headed into Fed Square and ACMI and saw the excellent free exhibition Screen Worlds. We didn't, but you could spend hours in there playing. Good for kids too.

A bite to eat and a couple of Asahis at Riverland, and wow, it is two o'clock already. Time for home and a rest. The weather was perfect for sitting under a tree on the river bank and watching the world go by on the walkways and the river traffic. The beer had made me sleepy and I fell asleep on the tram on the way home.

Fed Square looked great too. The paving was spotlessly clean, cricket was playing on the big screen, people were sitting around watching, some on mats, some even in timber deck chairs.

Hard to find a photo of Riverland or a decent wide view of Fed Square. This is the best I can find. Damn, forgot where I found it.

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