Tuesday, December 08, 2009

No Dogs Allowed

This is becoming scarcely believable.

Last week it was Jetstar who's staff apparently did not know that seeing eye dogs are allowed on airplanes. Link to The Age story.

This week it is Qantas and Tiger Airways who have done similar to other people. Link to that story here. Dogs not allowed in Adelaide Airport? What nonsense.

Never mind the ongoing battle blind people with seeing eye dogs have with taxi drivers refusing to carry them and their dogs.

Apart from a lack of human empathy, isn't such discrimination against the law? What on earth is wrong with staff training that such a basic matter seems so unknown?

Bad Jetstar, bad Qantas, bad Tiger Airways and bad some taxi drivers.


  1. I once, a few years back, was working in the emergency Dept. We had this gorgeous man to look after and he has his equally gorgeous seeing eye doggie with him. What an amazing duo..you could not seperate them! We gave them their own single room/cubicle. That lovely doggie lay there on a cloth and did not budge the whole time.
    Worried about the toileting issue I was about to broach the subject when the lovely patient..whom I was taking his blood pressure at the time, said to me, :OH, and if you are worried about the toileting of GIZMO (made up name there to protect identity of course) that is no worries. He goes on command and can hold on for longer than any one would think".

    It is so unbelievable what these air lines and the cabbies are doing to these people and their third arms.
    You know, I even read in Saturday's Age Newspaper ,a write in from a reader, that he was lining up at the Quantas check in and a lady who had to put her wheelchair on the check in counter was made to crawl on the floor and get into her suitcase and retrieve her laptop as carry on luggage...and then crawl back to the counter. She was not going to carry on anything... but her chair was booked in and so was her luggage. He tried to intervene and some bullies stood around him threatenting to kick him out of the air port. Such nonsense!

  2. I wonder how much of the story(ies) have been altered.

    Wouldn't surprise me if what actually happened is that the airlines require a special booking when a guide dog is travelling, just so they know and can accommodate accordingly.

    I suggest that the people in question DIDN'T do that, and got the shits up when the airline people then refused to carry them because they weren't aware of the special needs in advance.

    As for the taxi drivers, fuck them to hell.

  3. Andy, you'd be surprised at the blatant discrimination that is out there against people with any kind of vision deficit - I asked a bus driver (Aussie Anglo) last night who had just eyeballed my blind travel pass to let me know when we reached a certain street to which he replied " do that yourself".
    Umm, yeah, right.

  4. Anonymous9:44 pm

    It seems like the stories just keep coming...doesn't anyone read the paper any more? How could anyone say no to a seeing-eye-dog?

  5. Great tale about your patient Cazzie. Not so great the other story. I can see where disabled people are coming from. There is no dignity in crawling across a floor.

    Quite so Andy. I am very sceptical about things like this that I find from media. I suspect there is more to some of it than meets the eye. However, nowt wrong with giving these big companies a serve, deserved or not. Keep 'em on their toes. And you would remember the tram driver drinking beer incident at Sth Melb Beach. (for others, it wasn't beer, just soft drink) A long time ago I had an incident with a blind customer. He was just a prick.

    Report him Jayne. Management will have a word with him. He will be a bit more helpful the next time. Genuine people who need help should receive.

    Scott, Labs and other seeing eye dogs are always gorgeous and devoted. Not sure what peoples problem with them is.


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