Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Never mind a week

It would seem that a day is a long time in polictics. The leader of Her Majesty's Opposition Party in Australia is the the Mad Monk, Tony Abbott.

It must be nearly ten years ago that our friend in western Victoria reckoned Abbott was hot and that he would like to tie him up and do unspeakable things to him. Perhaps he could have started with some wax strips.

Should Abbott ever become Prime Minister, I will be off to New Zealand.

Hawkie summed up rather well when asked what he thought of Abbott as opposition leader. Temporary. We can only hope.

Pic from New Matilda.


  1. the male version of a Brazilian is a sanga wax. if you put sanga into image search, gird your loins for the results.
    I wish I'd heard author Bob Ellis's comment on The Ascension of Antony.
    His publisher had to pulp his book when it told the truth about Mr & Mrs Abbott.

  2. Anonymous11:54 pm

    What no pic of Tony in his budgie smugglers?

    Yes we can only hope he is temporary - religion and politics don't mix.

  3. I thought Lord Sedgwick had posted a horrible photo but this eewwwww.

    Not a wax job but every woman in Australia gets to pull out one hair at a time with tweezers while he's tied down over an ant's nest in the desert.

    Of course I don't detest the man, whatever made you think that.

  4. "The damn fools. They've only gone and blown it up!" (Obscure reference...I'll get my hat.)

  5. arrrgghhhh!!! My eyes.... they burn!

    What is it about him that is just so unattractive, not just physically so, but everything about him makes me feel so sick?

  6. The love child of Pope Benny and Chewbacca.

  7. I'd forgotten about Ellis's book. Sanga certainly means a different thing to an Aussie sanger.

    Anon, I was somewhat impressed with his physique, but I did not want a photo of him that made him look good.

    Sedgers posted a quite flattering photo I thought Jahteh. I like your plucking idea. That was plucking.

    Correct Brian, too obscure.

    Raelene, I think he is unattractive on the inside and it just shows.

    Jayne, glad you did not say Pell. Btw, can you still be punished for heresy?

  8. What a shame the opportunity for an Abbott & Costello partnership has passed us by. Question time would have been so much more interesting. Who's on first?



  9. Pants, while Abbott should clearly go first, it would be a nice struggle of bulls in a paddock.

  10. The Spouse just saw the photo and is fighting the urge to devour himself.

  11. Does not surprise me Jayne.

  12. I barely stifled an embarrasing snort when I heard Bob's assessment of Tony Abbot's leadership as "temporary".

    Let's hope Bob's powers of prophecy are as awesome as his hair.

  13. Lol about the hair, Me.

  14. My God but he's a hairy one - I like a man with a hairy chest (on the chest) i have never seen a torso like that and my daughter is married to a greek Australian. Abbott leaves him in the shade

  15. I like smooth MC. But at my age I can't be too choosy. My partner's brother in law in England is hairier than Abbott. Weird when English are inclined to be less hairy.