Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Myki Maladies

Myki is our new public transport ticket system and it was switched on today, well partly. It was switched on for trains, well actually, it was already on. But it is not to be used for trams and buses yet. There are still some glitches on trams and buses, we are told.

A little more than glitches methinks. I have used trams more than usual of late and I have been observing. Passengers can see the drivers screen on certain trams. I have seen a couple of different messages on the driver's screens. One is along the lines Uploading, please wait. Well I waited and waited and nothing happened. It must have been a huge upload. I have also seen Downloading updates, please wait. Again, the screen does not alter. Not connected to primary console, is another.

So what about where you scan your tickets, or touch on and touch off, as we are told? I have seen trams with none of the machines working. I have not seen a tram with all of them working. I have seen many variations in between full working and none working.

I asked a staff person if they had been trained in the new system and he told me no one has but they would be.

From what I can see, there is something seriously wrong with the Myki ticket system, at least so far as trams go.

Myki, coming to you on a tram in about, oh, let's see, 2011.


  1. I am stunned at what a mish-mash the whole Myki implementation has been... all they are doing is emulating the London Oystercard system, so why didn't they just adapt that to our network instead of re-inventing the wheel which can't even roll properly after having had $1b of yours and my money thrown at it. London has the most complex public transport system imagineable and they managed this ticket system just fine.

  2. yeah what TVAU said!
    I signed up for a card today, just for the hell of it. Not that I travel on trains!

  3. I was stunned but not surprised to read a commentor at Daniel Bowens blog, who revealed that this partial rollout is MERELY to comply with a part of the whole myki contract which gives BONUSES to the turkeys behind it, IF they get it going by december 2009. Which now they can claim they have, and get the huge payout for a job well done .... umm?

    and yes, ditto what TV AU said above.

  4. Hmmm, different tickets for trains, trams and buses.
    Along with unmanned stations, delayed/cancelled services and no infrastructure investment I think it's safe to say "progress" is another word for "going backwards".

  5. but wait, there's more at the Herald-Sun online:

    Geraldine Mitchell
    UPDATE 12.45pm Wed: READERS have flooded us with furious comments about myki, which was partly rolled out by Lynne Kosky yesterday.
    474 comments on this story
    'Extraordinary' response: 14,000 people register for myki
    Comment: Swipe at minister's credibility

  6. Cannot disagree with you TVAU. There are so many areas where the government likes to re-invent the wheel.

    Yeah, well, Fenz. It was supposed to be for trams and buses too. Fail.

    Brownie, from what I read when perusing the net, the system should not have been turning on for trains either. It is not working.

    Feels like it Jayne.

    Don't worry Brownie. The gov does nothing if not have eye on the next election. All will be well by then.

  7. Bwca, Kosky has no credibility and no brains and I wish I was saying that about a bloke and not a woman in a minister's position.

  8. Jahteh, Kosky is the victim. It was commissioned by Batchelor. I can see the stress of having to do the hard yards in her face. She never convinces me when she says all is well.

  9. well i got online to get my "free" myki because they're not getting the $10 from me for it! My taxes have paid enough already. The website crashed or at least froze up my browser but at least I got the email that acknowledged I'd set up the account.

    But I did chuckle when in one article, Ms Kosky was quoted saying that it has been "easy" to roll out the system to the train network hence why it's happening now ahead of the trams/buses... So If it was so easy why is it 3 years overdue then? This minister just seems to always say the wrong thing, or something which inevitably leads to more questions, which either means she hasn't a clue or her advisors are equally incompetent

  10. Kosky allows herself to remain the victim, though, Andrew, by letting others lead her (with poor advice) rather than growing a set of brass ones and choosing to be the leader herself.

  11. Too much, too little, too early and too late.

  12. TVAU, good for getting in early. It all just seems so problematic. Website crashing, what next. I suppose eventually it will all work. I certainly hope it is future proofed.

    True Jayne. Why do they have to tell us blatant porkies, saying black is white. The system is clearly troubled.

    Sums it up Rob.


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