Monday, December 14, 2009

My Sainted Aunt

It appears that Australia will get a saint by the name of Mary MacKillop. She seems to have been a very good person and is deserving of honour.

But really, does the catholic church expect us to believe she performed miracles? Sainthood can only be granted if two miracles can be proved and evidently Mary MacKillop qualifies.

If christian religions want to have any respect from non believers, then they really ought to stop espousing such blatant tosh and nonsense.


  1. Anonymous3:03 pm

    Hear Hear.........such mumbo jumbo.

  2. Apart from the miracle stuff (most mothers perform miracles everyday and we're not given sainthoods!)good old Mary was a stubborn gel with a pair of brass balls - she stood up to Rome and was ex-communicated for awhile there due to her convictions against splitting up her gaggle of gels.
    For that alone I'd dub her Saint Bloody Ballsy Mary of Oz ;)

  3. Plus she was a looker!

  4. Glad you agree Anon.

    Ex-communicated Jayne? Yet now when it might make Rome look good, she gets saint status. I am sure if she was alive, she was say, thank you, but no.


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