Saturday, December 19, 2009


Jayne beat me on this one, but I did take the photo a week or so ago in preparation for the post.

In our great mother islands to our east, a plague of painting murals on traffic light control boxes has broken out. Take a look here at what I mean. The plague is not isolated to temperate climates. It seems to be flourishing in tropical climes to our north.

Like it or not, a small pocket of infection is breaking out in Melbourne too, specifically Bourke Street. Bring it on I say.


  1. YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!
    No toes trodden on at all, Andrew, great to see the spread has reached us in the Port Phillip Colony at long last!

  2. That box looks so cool! Here's hoping it starts a plague of colour on the state's street corners and kerbs.

  3. Only one I have seen yet Jayne, but I think more will appear.

    Hope so too Timespanner, a great idea from across the Tasman. What can we send you in return? Would you like some possums?

  4. Dunno -- furry traffic control boxes aren't as cool as coloured ones. You can hold onto the possums, thanks. Let us know if you need any more.

  5. Oh well, nice try.


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