Saturday, December 26, 2009

Misc Photos

Busy busy. Yesterday's post was pre-programmed. Today's is one I prepared earlier. An additional note to the roof top bar photo, it is now open and absolutely packed.

Not sure why I was at the corner of Lonsdale and Spencer Street, but I thought it odd that much effort and expense had been gone to to put this camera on an extended bracket on the roof of this building. Now I am wondering what the building is? It appears to have had its windows bricked up.

Another bar going onto a verandah roof. It was not finished when I took the photo. These bars are extremely civilised. I love them.

I shouldn't be so lazy. I could get out a cd and check where I was when I took this photo of a house called Delphine. Not sure why I took the photo, where the location is or why I wanted to put it on my blog.


  1. "Now I am wondering what the building is? It appears to have had its windows bricked up."

    Presumably one whose owner was sick of window-smashing vandals.

  2. Been bricked up a good while Brian. Vandalism only started with the present generation.

  3. Oooooo, I do like Delphine!
    Much more sedate than the other one who married Hoges' mate Strop.

  4. What ever happened to her?

  5. The building on the corner of Lonsdale and Spencer Street used to be part of the former power station: this is what lies inside:

    As for the same, it points north along Spencer Street. I've always believe it is part of the security system for the prison up the road on LaTrobe Street: identical cameras can be found attached to lamp posts and building in the general area.

  6. Marcus, was that where a homeless girl fell to her death a few years ago?

    What you suggest about the camera and the remand centre makes sense.