Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Lost in Northcote

I had to visit (oh, that makes it sound unpleasant, it was not) Sydney Road, Brunswick. I knew there were some old signs in Sydney Road, so I also took the camera along and took some photos. I then needed to get to Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

Firstly, how to get to Brunswick? Tram is tedious, boring and slow. I will take a train. I have never been on the Upfield train line. It was an interesting enough trip, especially going through Royal Park and seeing the back of the zoo. The just renovated North Melbourne Station, ho hum. I alighted at Anstey Station (I had no idea how to pronounce the name until I heard the lady voice in the train loud speaker say it. She better be right).

I did what I went for and took some photos and then, how to get to Brunswick Street? At this point I should have pulled out my phone and had a look at Google Maps. I knew buses ran along Moreland Road, too far out, Albion Street, a possibility and Blythe Street. I was close to Blythe Street, so I waited for the bus. I expected the bus route would cross Brunswick Street somewhere.

My mental map was defective. The trip from Sydney Road seemed to be taking too long. I started feeling uneasy as the bus passed the Lomond Hotel. Isn't that out near the end of the North Fitzroy tram route? Oh my god, now we are at St Georges Road, Northcote. How did I get way out here? Off the bus and onto the tram in St Georges Road to take me into Brunswick Street. I screwed that up good and proper. As usual, I thought I knew where I was going and so I did not check in advance.

Jayne is going through a bit of a hard time at the moment. Here are some nice polychromatic brick chimneys to cheer her.


  1. There are some houses like that in our suburb, I ought to blog of it some day..and take pics too of course.

  2. I suppose for the 112 down to Brunswick St, where the bus crosses over it it's in the median reservation of St Georges Rd and you mightn't think it was THAT one you need to change for.

    Still, driving over the Epping line level crossing would have sent the alarm bells ringing for me!

  3. Oops, just realised it was St Georges Rd you got off at and you didn't miss it. What I said still stands about it feeling completely different to the 112 further south.

  4. Indeed you should Cazzie. When are taking some hols?

    It certainly is very different Somebody. Rather a good setup for a transfer from bus to tram. I am still puzzled as to how I got it so wrong. Perhaps I was thinking the start of Sydney Road was equivalent to the start of Brunswick Street. Of course, not allowing for Royal Parade.

  5. Thanks for the uber-sexy chimneys, complete with pots :)
    I'm betting that would have originally been a slate roof *drool* which would have set those bricks off just perfectly :)

  6. ooh you should've dropped in for a cool bevvie! The train is slightly more interesting however it does take longer in my opinion. I rarely catch the train, in fact it's been over a year since I caught the train into the city from Brunswick, I ride or catch the 19 tram.

    Are you going to post more pics? One day I should take my camera out and do a photography walk... I'm slack!

  7. "Isn't that out near the end of the North Fitzroy tram route?"

    Yes, I think it is.

    (Actually I haven't got a clue, but I'm trying to sound knowledgeable and well-travelled here.)

  8. Probably would have been Jayne. Quite nice even so.

    Fen, I was hot and thirsty and a bevvie would have been welcome. I kept looking at pubs, but then I was pushed for time. I don't catch too many trains, so a bit of a novelty for me.

    Quite right Brian, just near the CERES property.