Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Jessica Watson sails away

Gee, I should have checked this out earlier. The lass deserves publicity.

Jessica Watson is sailing solo around the world in her yacht Ella's Pink Lady. Unless she has had a recent birthday, Jessica is sixteen years old. She had abort her first attempt as she banged into a ship, or it banged into her. She had not yet made it to the official launching site in Sydney.

I think it was October the twelfth when she set sail from Sydney Harbour and she now appears to be in the Pacific Ocean south of French Polynesia.

Her blog is at the address below and she updates her blog from her yacht. I have added it to my blog reading facility.

and this is her website

She is getting hundreds of blog comments, sometimes over 1,000 per post.

I sincerely wish her well. She uploaded this photo to her blog yesterday.


  1. Hope she's washing behind her ears, wearing clean underwear and not talking to any strangers....

  2. "she banged into a ship, or a ship banged into her" ...
    evahbodeee except the bosun o' dat ship, knows that all vessels under sail have Right Of Way. Go Jess!

  3. Typical woman driver.

    Did I just say that? I'm off!

  4. I love this kid. I wish my 13yo had a fingernail's worth of her up and go.

  5. Jayne, I think we can assume she is not talking to strangers. She looks clean.

    Makes sense Ann. Although a large ship is really nimble. In my experience nor is a small boat.

    Can I confirm that I neither agree nor disagree with Brian.

    Pretty brave too isn't she Raelene.

  6. Anonymous6:30 pm

    Fuck a Duck - she ran into the ship because she had "forgotten" to rig the anti-collision gear - says a lot for her competence and maturity.
    Whose she doing it for? - herself, or her pushy parents.
    Hope she doesn't have to be rescued at taxpayer expense - ah well, kids these days......
    What next - a five yo will have a go at breaking a "record" for doing something foolhardy?

  7. Michael, on her home page is her significant display of her sponsors. She may even make a profit. You may well be right about her parents. But still, if she succeeds, it will be quite an achievement.


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