Monday, December 21, 2009

Pas me a muff

Isn't it ironical that the Eurostar train linking England and the Continent has failed to proceed because of cold weather, and yet the people who were stuck in the tunnel on failed trains sat in 25C degree heat and humidity. When we were in England in midsummer, I found, and still do, it hard to imagine it to be cold and snowing, but photos prove otherwise.

Here is a nice photo taken in the snow by Beth of Newcastle Upon Tyne in England at the seaside village of Cullercoats. Take a look. She had to be up at the crack of dawn to take it......ah, what time is dawn in the north of England on this day of their winter solstice?

It can be very hot in Australia, yet our transport system fails when it gets very hot, or very wet for that matter.

It can be very cold in the UK, yet too, their transport system fails. Maybe Maggie should have paid more attention to the transport system instead of heating the seats and grassed area in soccer stadiums. Fortunately nothing stops the Blackpool to Fleetwood tram. Well nothing except an extensive rebuild.

All just an excuse to show you a video from my collection of of cars misbehaving in bad weather.


  1. The stranded-train passengers had a rotten time in that tunnel, and I can't watch your black ice film as I am still nervy from the time I aquaplaned in heavy rain on the Calder Freeway once. Was on a roundabout and going very sedately into total spin across into oncoming traffic. Still hate driving in rain because of it.

  2. Andrew,

    I keep telling you, the snow's just an excuse. The owners of the Chunnel probably just couldn't be arsed putting any money into repairs. British Rail do the same thing every year. "We can't run any trains today because there are leaves on the line." "The unexpected fall of snow that we get every year and have done since history began means that we weren't prepared and everything's had to grind to a halt."

    What we ought to do is sack all the inbreds in charge of the public utilities and get Laurel and Hardy in instead.

  3. Never experienced aquaplaning Brownie. Don't want to really.

    I know Brian, I know. Same here. Caterpillars on the tracks stop our trains.