Tuesday, December 01, 2009

The hair Blanche. Do something

Wot you sayin? I looked gay even when I was young? No-one took photos of me in overalls. Note AWA Deep Image black and white tv, Wonderheat slow combustion heater, deer hide lounge suite, and Ktel record changer sitting on the HG Palmer Hi Fi record player and radio. The Bone Doctor has been busy scanning some of Mother's old photos.

We had a big lounge room which we never used. Instead we used the dinette where we never dined and it looks very like a lounge room.


  1. every single thing in the photo would cost a fortune to buy today at any of the style stores - even the great curtain design and the gorgeous well-behaved boy.

    my FeedJit thingy has gone mad today on KangaRue - it shows where people come from (Yass, Perth, Kew, Liverpoool, Canberra, Brisbane, Roseville, Seaford) and what they leave by.
    None of them wants to comment though.
    Copy the html and paste it into your sidebar for the thrill of clicking on the RealTime feature.
    mwah mwah

  2. Anonymous10:02 pm

    Oh that's hilarious! It's a bit like Newnes Home Management - but in colour!

  3. Anonymous10:49 pm

    Oh, very cute! BTW, mother just moved to Maffra. Vik.

  4. Anonymous11:59 pm

    That's Sooooooooo Gay!!!!

    Strike a pose Andrew.

    Luv the time capsule though, brings back so many memories.

  5. Shouldn't you be wearing a top hat? Like the interchangeable pyjama top/shirt.

  6. I would have been madly in love with you had I seen you in those days.

    By the way, you like you are sitting 'a la June Dally-Watkins'!

  7. Correction:

    I would have been madly in love with you had I seen you in those days.

    By the way, you look like you are sitting 'a la June Dally-Watkins'!

  8. Simply gorgeous, Andrew ;)
    The Wonderheat slow combustion heater, that is :P

  9. Awesome photo!

    I think I might actually have to save that one. I'll make it part of my screensaver slideshow.

  10. Yes, taking another look Brownie, I expect it would. I had the Feed It thing, but it looked a bit privacy invasive to me. Note it always shows which telephone exchange I am connected to.

    But no suggested caption Scott?

    Thank you Vik. Mother going west eh.

    Anon, never thought of it as a time capsule, but it is rather.

    Brian, I loved that shirt. The trousers I recall were wool and prickled.

    I would have liked me too Victor. Very much posed and somewhat prissy. I can't see the difference between your comments.

    Heat your Milo milk on top of it too Jayne.

    You are scaring me Dina, but go ahead.

  11. There was a 'look' missing from the first comment (second sentence).

  12. I will never make a proof reader Victor.

  13. Well done to the Bone Doctor for scanning pics, please share more Andrew :)
    My grandparents had the same Hi Fi get-up. Their lounge looked alot like that one pictured except it was vinyl :)

  14. I will share more over time Cazzie. Hi Fi was a bit of a joke wasn't it. The sound was appalling compared to today.

  15. Nobody used their big lounge room Andrew...that was for visitors and most never had a tele in it...Love the hair...that would have been considered long i those days...old photos are great...you look either wistful or "patient"

  16. MC, our lounge room was huge. It was later turned into two bedrooms. We must have used it sometimes. I can recall the fire place catching fire, well smouldering black anyway.


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