Thursday, December 10, 2009

From the Balcony

A tram had broken down, causing a long bank up of trams behind the broken one. Of course, it was just as I was heading out to Prahran. Dunno why the other trams could not just go around the broken one. Luckily a bus arrived quickly, so I took that instead.

Usually when I hear a report of an accident on the radio and I am nearby, I have noticed that the accident has already cleared. Not so this time. It was on the radio and I looked down from the balcony to see the cops and other services arrive. Hard to believe, but that patch of dry grass a month later is now bright green. Lovely.

We had a couple of nights of puzzlement as workers beavered away doing something in the median strip. Yay, they are replacing the flower beds that Kennett had put in for the first Grand Prix. No. A couple of days later I saw go in what looked to be the base of a traffic light, the anchor below the ground, not normally seen. Yay, they are going to redo the dangerous intersection to a safer standard. No.

As you can see from the photo, speed and traffic light cameras have been installed. I can't wait till they are commissioned and I can watch the flash going off, especially in the early days before people are aware the cameras are there.

Other cameras have recently been installed at St Kilda Junction inbound and Chapel Street and Dandenong Road inbound. At the same location is an old set of cameras for outbound traffic. Six months ago or so, some were installed in Kingsway at the corner of Sturt Street inbound and Park Street outbound.


  1. I wonder how long it'll be before the first squirrel takes up residence in the camera case.

  2. Blackbirds sometimes nest in the traffic lights.
    Blackbirds have no respect for motor vehicles.

  3. Anonymous4:46 pm

    Should catch them and bake them in a pie Jayne.

    NSW has commissioned another 200 digital cameras to increase revenue for a bankrupt state.

  4. Possum Brian. We don't have squirrels here. Possums don't store nuts, just tear off a bit of human flesh, as required.

    They do Jayne, but not for long before they are cleaned out. I saw them attempting to nest in a traffic light below a good while ago.

    Don't give her ideas Anon. She'll have the recipe up tomorrow. I love speed and red light cameras. All the more money that goes to the government means I pay less or I get better services. NSW is in a parlous state politically, but the revenue is still flowing in and services are still being provided. Money is still going into the arts, museums.

  5. The number of cameras being installed of late is frightening. I wouldn't mind them so much if they were there for a reason other than pure revenue-raising.

  6. So many Andy, it is hard to keep track of them. Best to not exceed the speed limit or drive through on the red anywhere now. I would call that a result. I eagerly await the idiot driver cameras being installed.


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