Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Fox on the Run

Fox on the Run. Reminds me of music from my youth. Sweet was the band? Bit dirge like music really.

Annie from London Underground site came up with this photo of a fox getting to a platform on The Tube. How good is that. Note fox is standing to the right, as you do in England. In Melbourne we stand to the left on escalators. Stand to the left. Stand left. Yo hearin' me!! Keep left. I am going to make a scene one day.


  1. There are more foxes per sq kilometre in the city that the country here in Melbourne - I would assume the same of England.
    They are smart creatures, unwanted in Australia, but very smart - just ask any farmer.

  2. Indeed. I have heard this too. I believe the highest concentration is along the Alamein railway line.

  3. "I believe the highest concentration is along the Alamein railway line."

    The image that has just sprung to mind isn't a pleasant one.

  4. I actually heard SouthBank - but the Alamein line wouldn't surprise me - they are horrible animals, spreaders of mange and will without a second thought kill chooks, ducks AND geese, just for the pleasure.
    The pups are emerging from the dens here in AU at the moment and finding it tough - so tough infact that a Jack Russell (mine) managed to kill a fox, still can't figure out how - but I watched him do it!
    (A blog post is coming - just too many other important things to come first)

  5. Lotsa foxies about just after dusk, wander down the quieter areas in Summer and they come out of the storm water drains they use as dens to wander the 'burbs.
    A couple of streets up from me people were losing chooks to foxes, 2009 in the middle of Oakleigh...the more things change...!

  6. We are in the country so expect to see foxes more often but still get taken by surprise sometimes at the places they will turn up.

  7. Foxes are very smart and can adapt readily to the city environment, or country for that matter.
    I admire the way they have survived, in what once must have been a hostile environment for them, but the prolification of them now, should be cause for concern in the Australian Bush. They decimate wildlife, taking eggs from nests and killing smaller animals. Their ability to spread disease is scary and sheep farmers HATE them, but poisining just doesn;t work a lot of the time, they are far too smart.
    Enough - too many horror stories for the general public!

  8. Anonymous4:50 pm

    A few years ago a fox turned up in a village in Aomori prefecture (state). It caused quite a stir because these foxes live on Hokkaido only (another island) and no-one could figure out how it arrived here; there's no way it could have swum. Then someone realised it had walked along the train line that runs under the sea between the two islands. Quite a feat considering it's the longest undersea tunnel in the world! They sure are smart critters. Vik.

  9. Anonymous-How true - that just supports what I've been saying AND this photo - they are smart buggers :(
    The blog post I was referring to earlier HAS Been written but won;t see the light of day until Jan 2010 :(
    Thems the breaks
    Thanks High Riser for sharing this photo

  10. Brian, I am so not going to ask.

    IAS, when I read the stats about the Alamein railway line, Southbank was only a developers dream. Like many foreign pests, they need to be eradicated. Funny that the useful chook has never gone wild.

    I know Jayne. Our friends in South Oakleigh lost chooks to foxes. Golf course habitat I would guess.

    Impressive Vik. Are they are problem in Japan?

  11. As usual, missed one. Miss B, we had them on our farm when I was a kid, but they had little impact. We seldom saw them.

  12. This is some Very interesting reading (for those wanting to know a little more) DPI claim that a many as 16 foxes per sq Km in suburbia and 2-4 foxes per sq Km in the country.
    I made reference to problems with foxes the other night - there must be little food around, because thet scouted the chook house yesterday IN DAYlight (rare), so now the ppor chooks have to remain locked up until the lose interest (about a forthnight)
    They are crafty cunning buggers, regardless of the age and the older they are the craftier they are!

  13. oh apologies - I forget to post the link :(

  14. Anonymous12:24 am

    No, foxes aren't considered a problem here. I think they're only native to Hokkaido and as there isn't much livestock farming, they tend to stick to forests. Farmers hate another native animal - monkeys. Vik.


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