Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Flying what?

A mysterious text message arrived to my phone from our dyke friends while I was at work yesterday. See you at the Flying Duck at 6. Scratching my head. Had I made some arrangement and forgotten about it? Flying Duck rings a bell. Ah yeah, we used to walk past it when going swimming at the Prahran Pool.

I forwarded the sms to R and yes, he was organising something. He was going to see the movie Avatar with the dyke friends, but the Gold Class was sold out and they needed to use some tickets up. It was dogs night at The Flying Duck. Dogs were welcome and catered for. We are going there for dinner with them and they will have their two dogs.

We were about to get on a tram when they called. It is closed. I was disappointed. I was in the mood for some pub food. We boarded the tram and they decided to take their dogs home and would return and meet us at the corner of Chapel and Commercial. R called them back and suggested rather than them coming back, is there somewhere else where we could go. The Grosvenor in Brighton Road was suggested. Fine, except we just missed a tram in Chapel Street, and the traffic was very heavy, and so would take a while. Revert to plan that they pick us up.

We did not wait long and they arrived. As we were leaving, one person noticed the new Terrace bar and bistro at the Cullen . We decided to give it a try. Food was good and prices not bad. Wine, expensive but also good. Service, excellent. Feel/mood, good.

I was set to dislike this place because of the bulk of the building, and I still think it is too dominating, but it quite a nice place really. If you recall, there was a scaffolding collapse during construction earlier this year, which led to the closure of Commercial Road for a time.

Back to the friends place in East St Kilda for brandy and coffee and timed it well for a tram home afterwards.


  1. oh the poor dogs.
    were they sporting dogs?
    The Flying Duck obviously flew South for the winter.

  2. Little cross bred dogs Ann. Great little chap and chapess. Both 'fixed' but Bella and Jack love each other.

  3. Anonymous3:41 pm

    The Cullen is just down the road from our place. I have to admit it has grown on me over time. Not 100% in love with it yet, but I don't mind it so much anymore.

  4. It is a quality building MD. Watch the wine prices if you eat at the Terrace.


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