Monday, December 21, 2009

Etag ill morte

How old is our Etag? I guess we signed up for one when we moved here as R might have been using Citylink quite often on his way to and from work. He has used Citylink for work, but rarely as it is so congested in the afternoons and no quicker for his trip to work in the morning. So the Etag would be about seven years old.

We recently noticed it had failed to work when we were travelling outbound east on Citylink. It worked when we were travelling inbound. We fools thought perhaps Citylink was giving us a free trip as compensation for the pain we have endured as casual Citylink users and how they slugged us $20 on a christmas day past.

Ok, it did not work the next time we used Citylink. Ring Citylink. Very pleasant person on the phone promised to send a new one and that there would be a reply paid envelope to return the old one.

Very pleasant person failed to notice that there were two cars registered for the Etag and only sent one windscreen clip. Another call and an extra clip was dispatched. Hang on, where is the reply paid envelope? We felt like we had more than enough contact with nice person at Citylink. We just bought an envelope and paid the postage ourselves. Like in many areas of life, we are the only people who have needed a new Etag, so I wouldn't expect Citylink to get it right the first time.

Had a death in your immediate family lately? Just try to start cancelling the like of mobile phones. Your relative is the only customer of the phone company who had died. It is a new learning experience for the phone company. I can only conclude this from experience. In fact this applies to many utility companies and banks.

But it is supposed to be the jolly season so I will be very nice about the new Etag. It is a very neat unit and clips easily into its holder, unlike the old model that I never mastered the intricacies of getting it into its clip and always got R to do it for me, or sat it on the seat. It is less sensitive too, which is a good thing, kind of. Because I was without clip, I had it sitting on the dash and it did not work. I had to turn it over.


  1. The computer system is set up as such that the person looking at your account has no idea how many cars you have on the account unless you go to a sep. screen, so i would have said the onus is on the customer to request an extra clip. Most people have an extra etag in their car/s these days. As for the reply paid envelope thing, it's all computer generated, in fact I have no idea where the etags are issued from, we just place orders and be done with it.

    When someone dies you just need a copy of the death certificate and things become quite straight forward. We had to do lots of this when my Mother died. After the first couple you become quite proficient at it.

  2. We got a new e-tag recently too, and i was surprised when this tiny little thing turned up!

  3. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to ya Andrew! :)


  4. My first E-Tag, obtained years ago had to be exchanged after several years usage because the battery 'had died' according to madam and her computer at the Motor Registry.

    I've not heard anyone else experience this with their E-Tag since and have wondered whether the explanation was a made-up one.

  5. Victor, etags have a battery life of about 5 years, but they've been known to go 9-10 years.

  6. Re the extra clip Fen, you are right. We should have mentioned it, but I am surprised that it is not on the main screen.

    Fen, then the computer said no, hey. I had not thought it through, but in mind someone sits at the computer and as well as taking calls, also pops Etags into envelopes, licks them, pops on a stamp. Your mother wasn't with Telstra then, clearly.

    Cute isn't it Raelene? Still rips money out of your account as efficiently as the old one though.

    Thanks Keshi. You are a sweetie.

    I think that is what happened to ours Victor. Battery died. If you use Etag a lot, maybe the battery only lasts a year or so?

    We didn't do bad with seven years then Fen.

  7. hahahahahaha i'd love to stick etags in envelopes and stick on stamps, that would mean i wouldn't have to deal with the general public!! The computer program they use at CL has no 'main screen' as such. The first screen we see when you call has a name, account number and address, once we i.d. the customer we then have about 10 tabs to choose from each with different information. It's a horrible system that they've been promising to upgrade since I started 2.5 years ago. In fact the new you beaut system was meant to be implemented around Christmas last year. Haven't heard anything since! I don't think Transurban like spending their money.

  8. Sounds very clunky and inefficient Fen.