Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dear Diary

I have not recorded things in my online diary as I should. Here we go.

Am I the only person in the world who takes road work speed limits seriously and slows to the road work speed limit. I am sorry if I have annoyed you, but hey, I have an unblemished record, and I don't want to spoil it. I was travelling at 100, and the car I just overtook who was travelling at 90 has now passed me while I am travelling at the road work speed limit of 80. Mind you, VicRoads contractors having speed reduction signs out one kilometre before the works is problematic. The less anal types do actually slow while they are going past roadworks. Please god tell me the nightmare of the trip to Pakenham has passed. Hehe, we are now passing it on to the Ring Road, five year of work. Suffer babes.

Oh, yes, the trip to Pakenham and then to Cranbourne was to take Mother to chiropractor. Miserable. She moaned on the whole time about herself. What are we going to do about Mother?

39 degrees and it is the ex NT politician and policeman's Fijian boyfriend's birthday. We must attend the barbecue. Indian Fijian boyfriend has his mother here, along with two nephews. handsome lads but then eek, I found out they were fifteen and sixteen. They look so much older. Very polite though. We will see them again on christmas night and I reckon they will be chuffed that we bought them and their grannie a Koko Black gift. Actually, no they won't. They will have no idea how much Koko Black costs.

I am a refrigerator air conditioning person. After dinner I found a place where their water cooler air con vent blew directly and flicked through a picture book of outback Australia.

As for the the party last night, better make that a separate post.


  1. I drove on the M1 the other night when roadworks were in place. Half the lanes in each direction were closed, guessing for about 15km's or so.

    Just so 2 blokes could paint a fucking wall.

    Didn't help that the speed limit varied constantly. Break in roadwork zone, up from 60 to 80 for about 300m, then back to 60. WHY? JUST FUCKING MAKE IT 60 ALL THROUGH YOU CUNTS.

  2. I had some cow yell at me because I was doing 40 in the roadworks 40 zone and she was in a hurry.

    AndyB : Don't come to Bendigo then LOL 70/50/40/50/60/50/60/50 all the way in to town on the highway. It's the same on the way out but at different spots & they hide the signs behind trees etc so you don't get bored :D

    They've just put in red light/speed cameras at the Beechworth Bakery intersection for anyone coming up this way. So no racing the tram :D

  3. "They will have no idea how much Koko Black costs."

    I've no idea what a Koko Black gift even is. It's sounds a bit kinky though.

  4. My point Andy. I recently learnt that having different contractors working on different things on the road leads to a lot of stuff ups with the motorist being the victim.

    Antikva, so I am not alone with roadwork speed limits. I found Bendigo speed limits quite challenging on arrival when we were there midyear.

    It has potential Brian.

  5. No one ever seems to enforce them, hence no one obeys them. It would all change if the cops did a roadwork campaign and started handing out fines.

    I think the workers have a right to be safe working in such an environment, there have been some awful events where vehicles have killed worker/s and mostly due to speed.

  6. I know of one blitz Fen, shortly after Monash Freeway work started. It was close to 100% offence rate.

  7. really? wow, I wonder why they don't do them more often then? I must admit, you feel like a right fool doing the road work limit when everyone else is whizzing by.

  8. Don't know really. Oh yes, a couple of weeks ago at night I saw what I think was a police car with a radar gun at roadworks. You are right about feeling like a fool.