Saturday, December 05, 2009


Not too often I write about cricket. The cricket on the radio in the background can be ok provided the commentators don't start yelling or get overexcited. I find it quite soporific.

My mind switches from a hot Aussie day with everyone trying to find shade while the match is played, to a game on an English village green, with polite clapping and dozing off in the sunshine.

Then there are memories of childhood cricket games in the back yard with so much energy expended and biffing my brother on his scone with a stump.

I had interesting responses when I wrote about my brother going to the Ashes in England earlier this year and various cricket grounds, and in another about Henry Blofeld.

I have recently read that the marvellous Bellerive Oval in Hobart, Tasmania has had night lighting installed, possibly the last of the major cricket grounds to do so. As I noted in a post, it must be in one of the best settings in Australia.

I listened a bit to the cricket in Adelaide yesterday. There was, guessing here, a West Indian commentator. He was amusing, clear speaking and knowledgeable. I did not catch his name. Who was he?

And to throw in a bit of depravity, I think Shane Warne is hot.

This is where I may get things wrong. A month or so ago Sheffield Shield cricket was being played. It is an interstate competition and very few people were going to see it, in spite of tickets costing less than $10. I believe one game at the Melbourne Cricket Ground with its capacity for 100,000 spectators, had less than two thousand.

Full of knowledge about cricket, I have the answer. Forget about charging. Throw open the gates to all and sundry and play these games at friendly local cricket grounds. A Sheffield Shield match played at the glorious Junction Oval might even have me sitting in the Blackie Ironmonger stand. Just give me a nudge if I snore.


  1. Anonymous5:01 pm

    Shane Warne? Try sending him a txt!

  2. The Adelaide Oval was a beautiful ground too but I see there are plans to turn that into a 50,000 seat stadium now.

  3. Hehe Scott. And offer to buy him a beer.

    Might have heard about Adelaide Oval Victor. What a shame.

  4. it may have been Tony Cozier, I haven't really paid attention to who's commentating this test.

    The sheffield shield games have always had poor attendance. When they were at the Junction they were more of a draw card because you could get close to the players and it felt more like a suburban match. Since moving to the G it's way less personal. I used to go week in and week out courtesy of free tickets from my Dad, who was part of the umpires association. Then courtesy of Darren Lehmann who i became friends with (name dropper!!). I do miss those days, though I'm sure we paid no attention to the actual game!!

  5. Back in Jan 1995 the Brit and Oz Ashes test teams played the Bendigo oval in a friendly which cost zero to spectators; packed to the max in the middle of a working week, can't see that happening again.

    Commentators other than (dull, predictable) Ritchie, Tony, et el bring a great gusting tornado of fresh air to cricket on radio and tv.

  6. Fenz, it may have been Cozier. He sounded experienced and was certainly competent. You illustrate my point exactly. Just googled Lehmann for a photo. Not unattractive when he was young.

    I guess the clock can't be turned back Jayne, but it would be nice. I am too scared to watch cricket broadcast on tv or 3AW.

  7. Actually, after listening more closely today I'd say it was Fazeer Mohammed who you heard, he's got an excellent deep Windies tone.

    Darren wasn't bad looking and he's one of the nicest guys I've met. I got to know a few of the cricketers, including Shane Warne (who I couldn't stand for the record) and Boof was just a sweetie.

  8. Fazeer sounds more like it Fenz. Still not sure though. The guy had a lightish voice. Well, you don't like Shane just because he did not jump on your bones. Psst Fenz. I have a weird fetish for Dan Lonegan.

  9. oh trust me, I'd sooner punch Warnie in the face than have him touch me with any part of his slimy body. He was gross way back then! Aaw Dan has a lovely chrome dome!

  10. Fenz, yes his chrome dome is ok. But it is his voice that gets me. I really am a radio person.